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Mirabelle Gastro Wine Bar

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Location: 2112 Yonge St, Toronto, ON
Yonge St / Eglinton ave
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(416) 544-8700
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Website: http://www.mirabellewinebar.com/
Cuisine: French  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by anonymous,   visited on 2008-06-06 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $50   Tags: gastro pub
one of mirabelle original chefs has returned
he has a new menu out and the food is top notch

i go back every week

reviewed by Ron,   visited on 2008-04-12 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $75   Tags: GastroPub
What a difference a year or two makes. Look at the excellent reviews Mirabelle received in 2006. Unfortunately, the chef behind those stellar appraisals is long gone and the cook in the kitchen is clearly out of his league.
Our party of four arrived on time to find another party seated at our reserved table. We then spent 45 minutes without being offered as much as a bread basket. Ordering our appetizers was an exercise in frustration as they informed us there was no soup that evening (a wet, chilly April night and NO soup?), nor pate (how could a restaurant not have ANY pate?) The calamari was overspiced although the other appetizers were edible. The delivery was agonizingly slow, (but the restaurant wasn't overly busy), tempered only by the excellent cocktails. The owner/bartender knows how to make a great martini. Mains, again, took forever to reach the table, but once they did, we wanted to send them back. Three out of four dishes contained soggy frites and the presentation was amateurish at best. A game hen turned out to be a small chicken chopped in half and thrown on a plate with the afore-mentioned "frites". An overcooked hamburger sat beneath a blackened portobello mushroom which when returned to the kitchen reappeared as mushroom slices. Ugh! Layonaise potatoes were nothing more than home fries. Plates lacked garnishes, vegetables and anything which might have made the food look more appetizing. The restaurant even ran out of the wine we were drinking. Our dissatisfaction was recognized and we were offered a dessert on the house (one to share) and we had $29.00 knocked off the bill. It wasn't enough. Too bad, the owner was very nice, the space is decent but the chef just isn't up to scratch. We won't be going back.

reviewed by nummanumma,   visited on 2006-10-09 ,  overall
Tags: gnocchi, salmon poutine
in between Zucca (which is awesome btw)and Quince (beside where Esco Pazzo was)- south of Eglinton. Really much bigger than average gnocchi- it was so good. With a pea and tomato confit- yum! Our neighborhood is starting to hop. They also did a salmon poutine that was absolutely beautiful- honestly- lots of share-sy type food

reviewed by pg,   visited on 2006-07-18 ,  overall
I was there a couple of weeks ago as well - forgot to post my thanks for the rec. I agree that the food, service and value were all top notch. We had the steak frites and fish on papilotte - so so good - the fish had green beans and fingerling potatoes inside the parchment along with some fresh herbs, including tarragon, which gave it a wonderful flavour. The steak was cooked perfectly and served with a peppercorn sauce. We also had a couple of salads including one with some ham and a poached egg on top that was really light and fresh. Service was very friendly. My only quibble was with the room itself - it's quite basic and not a room that I'd describe as particularly interesting or atmospheric. It's totally fine for a good dinner but absent a few design features, I'd choose to linger longer.

reviewed by Amac,   visited on 2006-07-17 ,  overall
I finally got a chance to visit this well reviewed restaurant in my neighbourhood while dining with my girlfriend on Friday. I agree with all of the compliments that this restaurant and its menu have received. I would also like to add that I found the service to be excellent. Four different people helped serve us at some point over the course of our meal and each one of them did so professionally with personality and charm.

A few freebies (a goat cheese and two glasses of black muscat) were thrown in to good effect. Although I do not seek free items when I go out to eat, the gesture certainly solidified my already positive experience. Kudos to Mirabelle for getting it right.

Glad to have you in the neighbourhood.

reviewed by Charles,   visited on 2006-06-19 ,  overall
Our party of four was there on Saturdau evening. We too started off with the 'mix and match' charcuterie platter. The chicken liver pate was indeed superb and definitely the stand out of the combos. Being 'pseudo-carnivors',we ordered all meat dishes for our main courses. We had the rack of pork special, the steak frites, the duck confit and the braised lamb shank. All four dishes were perfectly cooked, with interesting sides and 'uber tasty'. If I have to pick a favourite, I'll choose the pork because the taste and the unique 'smokiness' of the meat from the grill combined to create a gorgeous taste sensation. The sauce for the duck confit was mighty special too! The only down side of the evening, foodwise, was the slightly burnt underside of the plum tart. One last comment! Some of the wait staff definitely need more training on wine! When I asked our waiter to recommend a glass of white wine, anything but Chardonnay, he went ahead and recommended a Chablis to me citing the wine is a blend and does not use Chardonnay Grapes!! A white burgundy that doesn't use Chardonnay! Now, thats a first! And Mirabelle is a 'WINE BAR'??!!! Anyways, I'm glad the old 'Quartier' location has a more than worthy replacement.

reviewed by pinstripeprince,   visited on 2006-06-19 ,  overall
chicken parfait pate - rich and smooth, very good
duck rillette - too much orange flavour but nice texture
eggplant tapenade - intense roasted eggplant, a cooked garlic clove was nestled in the centre
steak tartare - one of the better balanced tartares i've ever had

salmon cake with shoestring poutine - essentially a salmon fillet covered in a crispy shell, delicious with the buttery lemon vinegarette. too much vinegarette though and made some of the frites too soggy, very thin frites btw that were perfect when crispy but that's a personal preference.

sweet pea gnocchi with tomato confit ($15) - pan fried squares that were supple but not melt in your mouth. sweet pea was so fresh tasting and the confit was pure concentrated flavour.
bouillabaisse ($22) - broth was wonderfully infused with perfect balance and nothing overpowering. seafood was utterly fresh and melt in your mouth. could have done with possibly slightly better mussels, but that's me trying to find fault.

ice cream and sorbets - picked the fig and port, blueberry and lemon. great! the sorbets really topped it all though with the lemon practically resembling frozen lemonade and the blueberry being such a ridiculous colour of purple that it's flavour still did not disappoint. found the fig and port too "light".

incl. sparkling water, virigin cocktail ($4), 2 glasses of wine ($12 and $14), plus all the above food and tax and tip we paid $165.

service was fairly outstanding as replacement bread was brought for our spreadables and for the bouillabaisse without asking. offered to wait the mains since we looked stuffed and overheard my dining companion tryign to get fruit out of the bottom of her glass and dropped off a spoon. this might falter a touch when it actually gets rammed to the rafters. their focus on wine seems to be... missing... but i didn't test out their knowledge myself as there were certain wines i knew i was craving that night. i would encourage them to offer tasting sizes.

deron and dion made a point to learn the customers names that evening if at all possible. when i originally called and asked about space (they dont' do reservations) dion essentially said he'd hold a table for me around our expected time since we were only two people. considering the place was far from full, it wasn't a problem but i'd give it just a bit more time.

lovely time, will be back. noticed the receipt said they're doing brunch saturdays.

reviewed by Mandy,   visited on 2006-06-18 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $50  
On Friday night, BR and I walked past Mirabelle Wine Bar (on Yonge just south of Eglinton) b/c we heard such good things about it on this board. The chef, Deron, was actually outside at that point, talking to some of the patrons, and we told him that we would be back sometime soon. We also mentioned to him that we were at Savoy Bistro when he was there!

Anyways, after seeing the menu Friday night, and salivating over some of the dishes for a few hours, BR and I decided to try it out. We sat down on the patio around 7:30, and it seemed as though the restaurant was pretty empty, but by the time our apps came out, the whole patio was full, and there were several tables with patrons inside. We started off with some of the "Build your own apps" dishes - yorkshire pudding with fois gras, cheese bread with some yummy stinky cheese and caramelized onions, and the chicken liver parfait. I'm not a fan of liver (and never really eat my mom's chopped liver) but this was fantastic! So creamy with just a slight hint of livery taste. Certainly no aftertaste.

We shared our mains. BR had the bouillabaise - filled to the top with scrumptiously seasoned and grilled seafood (shrimps, mussels, scallops, calamari, and white fish). The broth was loaded with saffron and big chunks of yellow peppers, celery, fennel, and topped with a crispy crouton with roasted red pepper puree. Yum yum yum!

I had the fish two ways: salmon with crispy skin, and tempura cod. Under the fish I found bubble and squeak. This was probably my first experience with the traditional English side, and it surely won't be my last. There was also a little mountain of minted peas on the side.

For the next course, we had an order of "something stinky" (cheese) from the "build your own". This was a suggestion from the owner. We were going to order it during the apps, but he suggested to leave it to the end of the meal - a great suggestion.

We also wanted to finish the meal off with something sweet. They had just run out of the plum tart, but the owner mentioned that they had banoffi, which was not listed on the menu. We opted for that. It is a layered dessert served in a brandy glass. The bottom layer is chocolate and toffee, and the rest is filled with creme anglaise and chunks of banana, and topped with whipped cream. It is truly a decadent dessert!

All in all, this large meal (I was super stuffed at the end) cost $140 for two (included a bottle of wine at $35, taxes and tip).

We will definitely come back and see Deron again. But as BR is still stuffed this morning, we might order a little less ;)

reviewed by Ben,   visited on 2006-06-15 ,  overall
Went back to Mirabelle tonight and it met my expectations (which were high). Great experience, and I won't bother echoing what was already posted by fortheloveoffood. Instead I'm going to try and convince my dining partner/lovely fiancee to post a review, in an effort to give Mirabelle a little more attention. There were far too many people meandering past Mirabelle, to end up in an attractive, but mediocre Italian place right next door.

reviewed by fortheloveoffood,   visited on 2006-06-14 ,  overall
Based on the Toronto.com review and the fact that we had previously enjoyed a meal at the Savoy last year, we decided to give it a try. I called to make reservations, but alas, they don't take reservations. The woman I spoke with told me that we would not likely have trouble getting a table for 4 at around 8 that evening. A good thing for us I guess, but I knew the restaurant was not very big so we were a little concerned over the fact that she wasn’t expecting it to be very busy…

Alas, we went anyway. And we were glad we did – it lived up pretty well to the review. We were greeted at the door and seated promptly. Of course there were only a few other tables that were occupied at the time. Nevertheless, we had the full attention (perhaps a little too much attention) of our server who promptly brought ice water to the table and kept the glasses filled throughout the meal.

The menu is interesting – a mix of French and English cuisine. There is a good selection of appetizers ($10-12) or you can create your own mix of “small plates” ($4-6) for sharing. We each had our own appetizer – 2 salmon cakes over matchstick “poutine”. I was told it was very good with large chunks of salmon. 1 “waldorf” salad I believe, which was also good. I had the Welsh rarebit which arrived hot out of the oven and was a very generous portion – it tasted great too, albeit a bit rich. Luckily my main was a much lighter choice. I shared the bouillabaisse (for 2 - $36) which was also very tasty and included an assortment of seafood (most of which had been grilled) in a flavourful broth - it was full of large scallops, shrimp, squid, fish (I don’t know what type) and mussels. Also on order was the steak frites ($22) and a pork chop special ($25?) which were also very good, both in terms of flavour and value. The frites, btw, were great, and served with what appeared to be homemade mayo which was also quite good!

The Chef came out of the kitchen to see how we were enjoying our meals and asked if my husband’s steak was cooked as ordered – it was!

For dessert we sampled the plum tart, lemon tart and a plate of ice cream. Both tarts were very good, with the plum tart coming out a little ahead. They were both quite buttery, however. Desserts are made in house, but the ice cream/sorbets are not – tasted like Gelato Fresco. Coffee came from an espresso machine (café Americano?) but was good nevertheless.

And finally, one very nice touch suitable of mention was that when asked about a wine on the list, the owner (I think that’s who he was) provided a sample to taste before ordering it – that’s good service. And later, he came by with another “taster” which he thought the wine connoisseur in the group would enjoy! He did...

So I can’t figure out why it wasn’t busy… but please give it a try because, although there is always room for improvement, it was good, and we’d like it to be there when we decide to go back!

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