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Bar Mercurio

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Location: 270 Bloor W, Toronto, ON
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(416) 960-3877
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Website: http://www.barmercurio.com/
Cuisine: Italian  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Rosary,   visited on 2010-11-02 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $40  
Without a doubt, the crummiest experience I've ever had in a
Toronto restaurant. Appalling service with a capital A. Very
little time for conversation as had to concentrate on fighting
for every glass of wine, every bite of food, for the bread, for
some cutlery! Treated like merde from the moment we
walked in the door 10 minutes early (your reservation is for
7? Talk to me then). Never an apology. Never an
acknowledgement that things had gone terribly wrong. Yes,
the restaurant was busy. But it was SUPPER TIME. Surely
to be expected if not hoped for? Food was fine but who cares
when it's made to taste like ashes in your mouth? I've had
better service at a high school cafeteria. Life is too short and
an evening out with a dear friend too precious for this
nonsense. Thank god the dear friend paid or I'd really be
poisoned. Tchah! Do yourself a favor and stay clear.

reviewed by JM,   visited on 2009-11-25 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $50  
i have been to many restaurants, in toronto, new york and rome.
the atmosphere, food, wine, and service makes it an outstanding
bistro. bravo!

reviewed by macel,   visited on 2006-11-24 ,  overall
one of my top fav's. Bar Mercurio on Bloor at St. George. Amazing pizza and great staff. Very cool, well done place.

reviewed by acdc,   visited on 2006-10-08 ,  overall
Really, really good, especially the tagliatelli (sp.?) with shredded duck and truffle oil. Great pizza too. reasonable price.

reviewed by worldfoodie,   visited on 2006-09-02 ,  overall
Bar Merucio - hands down. Two spots - both around Bloor & St. George. The original in the Medical Arts building is a classic trattoria - serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner - can't go wrong at any meal.

Friendly service; neighborhood atmosphere; food is very good.

reviewed by dining,   visited on 2006-07-13 ,  overall
Loved the Caesar salad--very fresh. We all had a different pizza. Both courses were great. The pizza's were thin crust, excellent toppings, served with two types of oil to drizzle on and cooked to perfection. They recommended a nice Chianti that's not available from the LCBO--also great.

really friendly and attentive service.

All in all, a great evening of food and ambiance for 3 for under $140 with tip.

visited on 2005-11-18
I wrote the Sep 19th review where I noted the confusion around ordering and receiving food. I am delighted to write that this is no longer the case. This is now my favorite place to have lunch!

visited on 2005-10-09
This is a great restaurant for people on a gluten free diet. There is gluten free pizza crust and gluten free pasta as an option.

visited on 2005-09-19
This is a very nice place, with excellent food, which feels very fresh and European. My only criticism is that their system of ordering food and receiving it is very confusing, both to customers and their wait staff -- who interrupted our lunch numerous times to ask us our names. Hopefully this will improve, as we need more places like this around the U of T campus.

visited on 2005-06-18
Don't miss this fun place...you feel welcome immediately and the only difficulty we encountered was trying to decide what to order! Everything was fresh and delicious. The staff was attentive but not hovering.

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