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New Sky Restaurant

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Location: 307 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON
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(416) 596-8787
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Cuisine: Chinese  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Christina,   visited on 2009-07-03 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $20  
We are always in pursuit of good food. Thought we would give this restaurant a try since it was always busy whenever we walked pass the restaurant. We were pleasently surprised! The atmosphere is not the most romantic, like most Chinese restaurant, it was brightly lit like an operating room. The tables are very close together, you can almost reach over and eat off the neighbouring table. Our wait staff was very prompt and helpful. We're not too concern about esthestics, the food is our main concern. We ordered all vegetarian dishes and found them done very well. The seaweed salad was excellent, it tasted very fresh and clean and not overly flavoured. We also ordered the Vegetarian hot pot, it was a little starchy, but nonetheless, tasty. Definitely will return to try other items on the meu.

reviewed by Eugenia,   visited on 2006-06-15 ,  overall
I definitely recommend this place. My home is in Markham, so my family are close to many very decent Chinese restaurants, but my parents often make the trip downtown to go to New Sky. I don't really have any favourites to recommend, but you may want to know that their English menu is a bit less interesting, and more aimed at the Western eater, so having a Chinese friend (or... someone who knows Chinese) there may be helpful if you want to be more adventurous. If that's not possible, then yeah, look at your neighbours' tables. :)

reviewed by Fai,   visited on 2006-06-08 ,  overall
We were there Friday and it was very good in some aspects and not so good in others. As you stated, the service was good, even though we waited half an hour for our reserved table, it at least moved us to the front of the line. The wait person would not let us pour our own tea, which was endearing.

The food: We too ordered the soft shell crabs and they were very crispy and not greasy, but had very little seasoning, so I found them a little bland and uninteresting.

Crispy Sesame Beef was a delicious dish (they fry very well here) with a nice sauce and vegetables. I recommend this dish.

The duck was lovely and crisp and very tasy. It was well presented, but a bit overcooked and therefore dry and tough. Duck with Taro was recommended on this board, but the waitress steered us to duck with special sauce--next time I will try the other duck dish.

Our vegetable dish was snow pea shoots with garlic and it is a triumph. I loved it and kept putting more on my plate. This is a vegetable I really like and flavoured with garlic it is super.

With tea, 2 rice bowls the cost with tax & tip for three of us was $78

We will return for a second meal.

reviewed by Harissa,   visited on 2006-06-07
Two friends and I headed to New Sky on Spadina last night and, sadly, we were all underwhelmed. The room is lovely, and the staff extremely friendly and accommodating but we were a little let down by the food.

Though I rarely pay too much heed to Joanne Kates' reviews, we were all intrigued by the glowing review she gave the place a few weeks ago, so we decided to mostly replicate what she ordered to see if it really was sublime.

Steamed shrimp dumplings: ho-hum
Hunan dumplings with peanut butter sauce: really tasty but probably really unhealthy too (esp. since we ordered some steamed rice to soak up every drop of the Szechuan peanut sauce the dumplings were swimming in)
Crispy soft-shell crab in salt and pepper (not on Kates' list, but as they are in season, we HAD to have them): heavy, salty batter covered crab that, frankly, didn't taste as fresh as I had hoped
Fu-kin (?) noodles: crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, with pieces of BBQ pork, fresh peas and slices of crispy asparagus -- they didn't look especially appetizing but tasted fabulous
Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce: ho-hum

We will definitely go back, but this time we'll order exactly what we want, rather than going on Ms. Kates' recommendations. Dinner for three, including two beers, came to $57 plus tip.

reviewed by George,   visited on 2006-06-03 ,  overall
They frequently have a lobster special - not always done the same way. I certainly found it excellent.

also, I find the simple ones yield the best of the dishes.

- steamed organic chicken
- dungeon crab rice, prepared rice sit on top of a top halve dungeon crab. the rice soak up the roes and flavors of the crab
- steamed catch of the day fish / shrimp with soya sauce and ginger (ask for price, can be hefty)

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