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Kumai Sushi Restaurant

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Location: 35 Brunel Road, Mississauga, ON
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(905) 712-9199
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Cuisine: Japanese  

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reviewed by Jen,   visited on 2007-11-30 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $10  
The food her is excellent but the service is seriously lacking. My co-workers and I were on our lunch break and I convinced them to come to Kumai. We had been there before and received very slow service and also got a hard time about moving the tables so we could all sit together. We decided to try again because we like the food. However, our server must have remembered us because her expression completely changed when she saw us. The restaurant was empty when we arrived and our server immediately seated us. She did not return for 25 minutes. During this time the restaurant filled up and drinks and starters started coming out of the kitchen and we had yet to order. We tried to get our server's attention but she completely ignored us. Finally a different server arrived to take our order and at this point half our lunch hour was gone. She said the restaurant was now really busy and she wasn't sure how long our order would take. We immediately got up and left. It’s really a shame because I convinced my co-workers to give the restaurant another chance, the food is good and authentic, but they obviously did not want our business. I would recommend the food but the service is terrible.

reviewed by Beep,   visited on 2006-06-15 ,  overall
They aren't list in the two Toronto Japanese phone directories at all (which I mentioned to the owner) so it's hard to find out.

I had dinner and lunch there last week. Indeed they offer quite authentic Japanese food.

But I don't like the waitresses who kept "reminding" us both times that the bento boxes and dishes are very Japanese and don't have teriyaki and what-not. So we don't look like Japanese and didn't speak Japanese to them, doesn't mean we've never had real Japanese food in Japan.

For dinner, I had the Shokado Bento. For lunch, it was one of the 2 daily lunch sets (different everyday) - maguro yamakake (tuna sashima in slimy mountain potato puree), with stewed side dish, pickled chinese cabbage, soup and rice. It was delicious.

I like Kumai more than Jimbay's. The decor is more authentic and comfortable. However Jimbay's have many daily specials of grilled fish and stuff that they put on a white board and so more varieties and lots of nice surprises everytime.

Oh, forgot to mention their kitchen is quite slow, so if you go for lunch with a bunch of people, it could take quite a while, and they do warn you about that.

reviewed by Tanaya,   visited on 2006-06-10 ,  overall
Mr. Kumai is a sushi chef and an owner of this restaurant. He trained in Japan and worked as sushi chef in Japan for a long time. He buys fish daily and sushi is so fresh. Some fish will even come from Japan by air. As a Japanese myself,I strongly recommnend this place. The food will be served in slow pace due to minimum staff, but it is worth to wait. Please experience real sushi.

reviewed by riona,   visited on 2006-06-01 ,  overall
Kumai is one of the finest sushi chefs in Canada. He is litle off the beaten track so he is not as well known as some of the others but great nonetheless. Sushi and Sashimi are always first rate. Hot kitchen is very competent.

The kiri bento at kumai is awesome. Usually has sashimi, a fish item, a meat item, bowl of rice with fish eggs or salmon flakes, tempura (shrimp and fish), tamago, and some times a small hotpot.

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