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Location: 7388 Yonge st, Thornhill, ON
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(905) 881-5103
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Cuisine: Korean  

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reviewed by bernie,   visited on 2007-12-30 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $25   Tags: reasonable
Very very good!!!! Best korean restaurant I've been. This is my second time in the restaurant.
This was recommended to me by my Korean associate and really really loved it!!The barbeque is fantastic. Chapchae and the pancake
amazing, spicy soup is also yummy!Bit far from downtown but its worth the trip:))

reviewed by kaka,   visited on 2006-05-19 ,  overall
I've been to Sariwon last week, and had their BBQ ribs & steak. May be they had AYCE before, but when I was there they only offered a la carte type. Some BBQ meat dish requires a min of 2 orders. So if you have a large group then you can order different dishes.

You can ask the server if they have AYCE, not listed on the menu.

We ordered ribs and sirlon steak. The ribs were tender and tasty, but the steak was a bit dry. We might have cooked it for too long.

reviewed by essica,   visited on 2006-02-17 ,  overall
I Luuuv Sariwon :) I've gone to that restaurant for more than 2 years now. Yes it is pricier than other Korean BBQs, but you will not regret it.

Be sure to get the haemul pajon (roughly translated into seafood pancake). Ask for it well done - a bit greasy no doubt, but really yummy!

reviewed by kaka,   visited on 2006-02-15 ,  overall
es, I love Sariwon too. Last time I tried a few dishes and they were all yummy!

1) Seafood pancake - a bit expensive, but it's a hugh dish as an appetizer
2) Ginseng Chicken soup - the chicken is stuffed with ginseng and sticky rice
3) kimchi seafood hot-pot - it comes with udon noodles too. Just ask for less spicy soup.\.
4) Bibimbap - no need to say, it's rice served in sizzling hot stone bowl

They also have various types of BBQ if you are meat lovers. The price is higher than homestyle Korean restaurants in the neighbourhood, but it's more upscale, and the food's worth it! :)

I will definitely visit the restaurant again.

reviewed by amartia,   visited on 2005-09-11 ,  overall
for the first time in i-don't-know-how-long, we went to a korean bbq restaurant OTHER than the so-called "usual" place at midland and finch. today, i went to a place called sariwon, an authentic korean restaurant, on yonge just north of steeles.

this was my first time at this restaurant, and i had no idea what to order from the bbq menu. we finally decided on beef tongue, marinated beef, and a type of pork that looked like thick bacon. the nice thing was that as part of the dinner, we got all sorts of appetizers. there were the usual korean cold vegetables such as bean sprouts and kimchee, but there was also vermicelli, and an excellent spicy korean soup that put the soup at the "usual" place to shame.

the meat was good, but unfortunately it was not all-you-can-eat like the usual place. the marinated beef was the best bbq'ed beef i have ever had. the pork was a little too fatty, but tasted great as well. the beef tongue could have used a little more marinating, and it should have been sliced a little thinner.

we also ordered a little something special to go with our meal ... a bottle of korean vodka, called "soju". at $17.99, it was very pricy, but we decided to give it a try anyways. it's hard to describe soju. it's very sweet, and it gives you a warm, glowing feeling after it goes down ... similar to japanese sake, but sweeter.

so, was the $33 per person meal worth it? given that all-you-can-eat-and-drink costs about half as much at the "usual" place? it's hard to say. the quality, ambience and service at sariwon were miles better.

reviewed by James,   visited on 2005-09-06 ,  overall
With two delicious appetizers, and five side dishes, our fir st encounter with Koreatown north was most rewarding. All food was excellent and the server was always ready to answer questions. The only problem is that there are too few menu choices, and too many beef dishes. Nevertheless, we will go back.

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