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Boulevard Cafe

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Location: 161 Harbord St, Toronto, ON
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(416) 961-5603
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Website: http://boulevardcafe.sites.toronto.com/
Cuisine: Peruvian  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Vinnie,   visited on 2006-09-25 ,  overall
Went To Blvd Cafe last night. Very good. The cooking is interesting, skilled,tasty. There is enough to eat and the presentation is attractive. Fruit is often used, there is a tinge of heat in some dishes, but not so much as to discourage even me. Good patio. Very large and good wine list

This is not a two flavour(cilantro and clili pepper) low home cooking place with ponchos on the wall whose virtue is simply as a good ethnic adventure. The cooking is sophisticated and bourgeois; the chef- owner is a woman and a woman's touch shows. You can easily go here to celebrate a special occaision (we did) and get twice the pleasure at half the price of a "silly" downtown. You can take someone from France here without fear of being embarrased.

The bottom line is this: A three course meal that should be delicious and interesting for the bargain price of $30.

reviewed by moo,   visited on 2006-07-29 ,  overall
was there for summerlicious.

moni started with Choros Tropicales - mussels on the half shell topped with a spicy mango, jalapeno salsa .. taaaaasty!! the sweetness of the mango intially send your tastebuds buzzing .. then the tiny hint of spice .. followed by the fresh taste of the mussel trailing in ..

i had the Tamal Verde - this tamale uses corn mixed with cilantro, infusing the corn meal with flavour & a tiny hint of spice, with an additional subtle layer of aroma from the banana leaf ..

moni's main was the Escabeche de Pescado - the grilled tilapia was very fresh, & cooked through but tender .. the red pepper, onion & balsamic reduction provided a sweet & tart balance, without overpowering the tilapia .. the yucca fries, while meagre (3-4 fries), was a nice alternative to boring old roasted potatoes ..

my main was the Lomito a la Pimienta - the pork tenderloin was grilled, resulting in some toughness & dryness around the sides .. while i liked the peppercorn sauce, moni found it overpowering .. the parsley-chive mash was nicely herbed, and went very well with a touch of the peppercorn sauce ..

the yellow steamed/grilled veggie was overwhelmingly bitter .. otherwise, the texture of the veggies were nice .. firm but cooked, retaining their juiciness ..

moni finished her meal with the Key Lime Pie - intensely tart & sweet, each bite a blast on the palate ..

i wrapped up with the Creme Caramel .. the caramel top was so smooth, i could see my own reflection .. the creme was very light in flavour, balancing w/ the a robust caramel ..

reviewed by Juniper,   visited on 2006-07-26 ,  overall
It's a casual place with good food. Patio is lovely. Desserts are made in-house - my faves are the key lime pie and the alfajore (shortbread with dulce de leche and coconut).

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