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Messini Authentic Gyros

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Location: 445 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON
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(416) 778-4861
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Website: http://www.messini.ca
Cuisine: Greek  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by joseph,   visited on 2010-07-08 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $12  
I dropped in for lunch with my wife. It seems like the staff are not very service oriented. After recieving our order, I had to get up myself for napkins & cutlery as my fork fell on the floor & there appeared to be no available server. I don't even know who our server was as we were seated by one person, our order taken by another person, & plates collected by another. Nobody even came once to check up on us + we never got a bill so I went to the front cash to pay where it looked like all the servers were congragating. I was surprized that with all that team work of staff that the service was so poor. IF i do go back there, it will only be for take out as I did enjoy the food. Too bad so sad the service was that awful.

reviewed by Methodless,   visited on 2009-04-24 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $7  
They told us that they only had gyros and they
were out of lamb. They said we could not order
appetizers so basically we had to choose between
chicken and pork gyros.

It later turned out that we could have some

Service was poor in that rarely did they come and
make sure things were OK, they didn't bring the
simple things like a pitcher, napkins, etc, but
they were very friendly, very prompt and did their
best to serve us when we did manage to get their

They claim to be open until 4am, but given the
late-night menu limitations (it was 11:30) which
they said were standard, they're not really open.

Bill for 7 people came to $49.19 before tax and
tip - no drinks or dessert everybody full.

reviewed by steve,   visited on 2007-07-13 ,  overall
I always find myself going back to messini's for their gyros, tasty meat, nice people too.
the food is really cheap, stick to the wraps which are huge and all are under $5!

reviewed by Fredster,   visited on 2006-08-09 ,  overall
My new favourite place for souvlaki and especially gyro is Messini...... repeat after me: NO ICEBERG IN THE SALAD!!!!

reviewed by camfrye,   visited on 2006-07-15 ,  overall
I haven't found a better, more authentic gyros in Toronto than at Messini. The place is great for take-out. That said, I've been unimpressed with everything else I've tried there. Stick to what they do best - gyros.

reviewed by sunnyside,   visited on 2006-06-17 ,  overall
I love Messini Gyros...their Vegetarian Pita, Village Salad,and Greek Fries(with feta and oregano) are great, too. One of the few Greek places that actually stacks pieces of meat on the spit, rather than using processed chopped and formed gyros meat on the spit, or gyros bricks.
I've been at least 10 times and I've always had good service.

reviewed by Connie,   visited on 2006-05-20 ,  overall
Tags: gyros
I went to Messini today to try their gyros and I have to say it was very tasty! They put french fries inside their gyros and then pile on the meat. The onions and tomatoes were fresh and the sauce didn't splatter everywhere. I will be going back to try some of their other items, but I absolutely recommend trying their gyros. Apparently, it's "normal" to have fries in the gyros in Greece!

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