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Rebel House

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Location: 1068 Yonge St, Toronto, ON
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(416) 927-0704
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Website: http://www.rebelhouse.ca/
Cuisine: Pub Fare  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Deb,   visited on 2007-02-23 ,  overall
I found myself in front of The Rebel House today around noon. good chance to try the suggestions. had the Leek, Cheddar and Ale Soup with the Spinach Apple Salad. one of the best lunches I've had in a while. will be back for sure. Yum Yum

reviewed by alpine,   visited on 2006-11-12 ,  overall
The Rebel House is where I go when I want a proper Sunday night roast beef dinner that I don't want to cook myself. Although not mentioned on their website, I think Prime rib is just a Sunday thing, and I suspect they don't always get around to updating their website, but every Sunday that I've been there they've had it, and it's about $19 for a LARGE slab o' prime rib, potato, veg and Yorkshire pud.

reviewed by T T,   visited on 2006-08-17 ,  overall
The prices are a couple of dollars more than regular bar food, but not outrageous, and you are getting some quality chow and mircobrew beer, so it's worth it. The bison burger, for example, is about $10, an order of poutine (with excellent gravy, curds and smoked mozzarella) is $6, and I think the prime rib might be $18, and for that you get a biiig slab of meat, veg potato and a Yorkshire pudding.
My only issue with the Rebel House is that it's rather small and extremely popular, so it can feel cramped and loud on a Friday night, but Sundays are usually a little quieter...

reviewed by Frank,   visited on 2006-07-13 ,  overall
At The Rebel House, even if they don't know your name like in Cheers, they try hard to make you feel at home. Walk through the narrow first-floor pub, and take a seat in the quiet courtyard in back. There are few better places to while away an evening. While you're here, try poutine, a Quebeçois dish that has become a favorite all over Canada. It's a big plate of French fries mixed with cheese curds and covered with gravy. Poutine goes well with a pint of Ontario beer (I prefer a hoppy pale ale), and the Rebel House's selection is one of the widest in town.

reviewed by bartowel,   visited on 2006-07-13 ,  overall
Without question, one of Toronto's finest good beer establishments. The Rebel House is a true Ontario pub, serving a large selection of Ontario craft microbrews on tap. They include familiar Brick and Lakes of Muskoka for the non-adventurous, along with Trafalgar, Kawartha Lakes, Wellington, Niagara Falls and Neustadt Springs for those looking for something with a little more flavour.

The Rebel House also has outstanding food, featuring many Canadian-themed dishes. My personal favourite: the big-enough-for-a-meal poutine. There is hardly a finer Canadian experience than a tasty dish of poutine and a fine ale.

Be warned, however, the Rebel House is not a large pub, and seating can often be difficult on a weekend night. The pub is very narrow, and has two floors, with a bar and table seating on each level. However, they do have an outstanding back patio when our weather co-operates.

reviewed by Steve,   visited on 2006-07-13 ,  overall
it's one of the best pubs in Toronto and a favorite stop on my frequent trips to this city. While the bar itself is small, there is plenty of table seating upstairs as well as on the first floor. The bar attracts an interesting group of beer fans who enjoy the well chosen and always changing range of beers. There's always a lively exchange going on between staff and patrons. I always feel welcome and at home here. The food is WAY beyond typical pub fare and should not be missed. Sunday brunch is great. During good weather, the back patio is one of the best in Toronto. The Rebel House is very easy to get to - take the Yonge St. subway to the Rosedale station and then walk up(north) the left side of Yonge St. a half block.

reviewed by TwinklyTerrapin,   visited on 2006-07-01 ,  overall
they have the BEST poutine in the city. You can experience a whole lotta wonderful Canadian culture sloshing through their selection of microbrews and enjoying a fine bison burger, with a side of poutine...but you may want a whole order, not just an itty-bitty side...

they can get pretty crowded. Play it safe and call ahead.

visited on 2005-05-21
Good Canadian fare in an unpretentious, cozy atmosphere. A fun selection of beers on tap, and the kettle chips are worth the trip. The closest you'll find to a Northern bar in Southern Ontario.

visited on 2005-02-03
This is the coziest bar in town - you feel like you're in someone's boathouse. The service is almost too attentive, the food is adventurous but down home. It's always a fun scene with tonnes of amusing regulars. Who could complain???

visited on 2004-07-07
Recently went to Toronto for the first time , my friend and I were looking for a few pubs to visit with a selection of brews . We just happen to be there when a soccer game was played the local crowd was infectious ,very friendly good game, good crowd and good brew . We ordered a couple of local appetizers and eventually got our bill over a hundred dollars , so we spent a little time there. We found it to be a very friendly place . They even gave us directions to other places we asked about. We went back again for the good food ,brew and the fella's. So heres to the crew at the Rebel House.

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