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Mother's Dumplings

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Location: 79 Huron St, Toronto, ON
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(416) 217-2008
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Cuisine: Chinese  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by dumpling queen,   visited on 2009-02-07 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $10  
I went after a friend's recommendation. The food
is so so. The operation is very family style,
actually bad for business because you have to wait
long for your food. The pan fried dumplings we had
was unpresentable. Half of them were broken and
the cook stacked the dumplings one on top of
another instead of nicely presenting them in a
plate. The space is small and crowded. The kitchen
was right in the dinner room. I constantly heard
the owner nag on the kitchen helpers. Awful

Will never go back.. such a mistake

reviewed by pinstripeprincess,   visited on 2006-10-28 ,  overall
if you're in that area and haven't been to mother's dumplings on huron yet, i'd do a quick trek over there and either get their pork and dill or pork and radish in cornflour skin dumplings. the pork and dill are a fantastic combination and the cornflour is really unique and more for those looking to break their previous dumpling assumptions. don't bother with the xiao long bao, they don't have that wonderful juiciness i expect. but DO try their da lu noodles... you'll wonder how you've ever lived without them before. amazingly deep flavoured broth topped off with mounds of ground pork, cabbage, egg, etc etc etc. you may however get quickly stuffed off of this for $10 between the two of you... those are my only real words of caution.

reviewed by squeaks,   visited on 2006-08-25 ,  overall
I'm a vegetarian (mostly) and I found plenty to eat at Mother's Dumplings. The chive dumplings and tofu-mushroom dumplings are amazing, and the green onion cakes are vegetarian as well. If your friend eats fish, the shrimp, egg, and chive dumplings are divine. Here's my complete write-up of a Mother's Dumplings visit from a little while back:

reviewed by shana,   visited on 2006-08-23 ,  overall
mother's is great and cheap just don't go there is you have any time constraints - they prepare the meal in the back on a 4 burner stove like the one I have at home so while delicious it can take awhile to get all you ordered. Also best to chare as there is no order to how things arrive - you might be left hungry while the rest of your table eats!

reviewed by xtal,   visited on 2006-08-22 ,  overall
Here's a dish-by-dish synopsis (prices are approximate):

i) Green onion pancakes
Crispy on the outside, while being thick and chewy. A texture unlike the flakier ones I'm used to, but these were very good. $3

ii) Tomato & egg soup
A hearty soup with lots of excellent items floating about. A large serving size meant that we didn't get to finish this one, and I think we ordered the small... $5

iii) Juicy pork Buns
Perfect little pork buns with a bit of soup filling. Chewy and soft skin, and a delicious interior. These were served at roughly the temperature of lava. $5

iv) Da Lu noodles
This is possibly the best noodle dish I've had. Ever. Handmade wheat noodles in a delicious broth with plenty of pork and vegetables. It sounds pretty straightforward, but the delicate flavours in this dish prevented me from reaching for the chili sauce. That is a first. Plus, it was a huge bowl, and could easily feed two on its own. $5

v) Pork and chive dumplings
Though this was the item we originally came for, they were sold out and let us know partway through our meal. We gleefully cancelled the order, as we were having trouble finishing the table of food we already had.

We left stuffed and very satisfied. Dinner for two with tax and tip came to roughly $25, an excellent value.

I had a delightful time at Mother's, and am looking forward to my next visit. I can see myself having some dumplings, the noodles mentioned above, and exploring one of their other pancake offerings. That is, if I can rustle up a dining companion...

reviewed by Cath,   visited on 2006-07-13 ,  overall
Mother's Dumplings is a Northern Chinese restaurant which means you'll see dishes such as buns, noodles and of course dumplings on the menu - and the dumplings are what I recommend.

Mother's Dumplings has a good variety, including chicken with coriander and mushroom, pork and pickled cabbage and pork with chives. And for our non-meat eating listeners, there are three different types of vegetable dumplings.

The prices are unbeatable. 12 homemade dumplings are priced between 3-4 bucks. In fact, there's nothing on the menu over five bucks.

To get to Mother's Dumplings you have to go down a very steep stairway, and the d├ęcor's nothing to write home about - a very clean but austere white basement storefront.

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