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Djerba Ladouce

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Location: 1475 Danforth st, East York, ON
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(416) 778-7870
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Website: http://www.djerba-la-douce.ca/
Cuisine: African  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Jean,   visited on 2007-11-17 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $15  
First visit to this restaurant and it will be my (our groups) last. We were the first group to arrive in the restaurant and the last to be served our dinner. We waited an hour and a half for calamari, chicken and a salad! The waitress did not once come and ask us if we wanted any drinks or to apologize or explain the delay in waiting for our dinners. When the food arrived there again was no apology for the delay.

We weren't the only ones left wondering what was taking so long to be served. While we were waiting there were at least 2 other tables complaining as well. If you have to use the bathroom, DON'T make the trek into the basement. While it appeared to be clean, it was the worst smell I've ever been engulfed in.

Being a vegan, I asked which meals were meat-free (as there was no explanation on the menu's as to what the dishes were aside from the platters). She directed me to the salads and veggie couscous. I ordered a salad. I waited over an hour for a salad that was covered in tuna and could not eat.

When it came time for desserts, they were "all out" of every dessert they had on their menu.

Also, having cans of no-name brand vegetables sitting on the counter while they advertise organic produce was REALLY lame.

reviewed by sannapadela,   visited on 2006-07-17 ,  overall
The food at this place is AMAZING! Highly recommend the grilled vegetable appetizer and the lamb chops with couscous. The food is full of flavor, and is spicy. The chicken crepe is also very delicious. The cook was a sweet man who actually came out and spoke to us. You can tell the food is "authentic home cooking." Well priced and overall fantastic.

reviewed by cherimoya,   visited on 2006-07-10 ,  overall
I highly recommend this restaurant to those who appreciate good food. Djerba serves Maghrebi cuisine with some French/Italian mixed in. The food is fresh and great care is taken in presentation.

We started with a pot of Mint Tea. We had the vegetable soup with was served with bread rolls. It was nowhere near the bland vegetable soups that are usually served, rather, it was spicy and creamy. I also shared a grilled salad and a calamari appetizer with my friend. The grilled salad was actually more like a tuna salad and I probably wouldn't have ordered it if it had been described like that - but I'm glad I did order it. It was delicious - spicy. The calamari was presented in a tomato sauce with cumin. It was also tasty and the calamari was super tender - not rubbery.
For the main course, we shared a Lamb Chop and Couscous with Chicken and Merguez. The portions were of a good size. The lamb chops, in particular, were very nicely presented with spicy potato batonettes. This dish was very flavourful. The couscous was light and fluffy and served with a generous portion of chicken, merguez and vegetables (carrot, turnip?, celery...).
For dessert we had some sweet pastries with almond paste. We tried a certain type of coffee which tasted like it had orange blossom water in it.

The food was really well-prepared and presented. I was afraid that it might be bland - but it definitely wasn't. The restaurant itself is very comfortable. It is small and cozy and decorated with North African cooking/serving items. It is a very comfortable setting to have supper with friends/family. You should also note that NO ALCOHOL is served. I was told that all the food is halal, but I forgot to ask to see the certificate. The service was friendly and attentive without being intrusive and the waiter and chef were more than happy to give their recommenations for dishes to try. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this restaurant. We need to support this place! (BTW they do take out also and they are conveniently located very close to the Coxwell subway station, on the Danforth).

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