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Location: 478 Queen St. W, Toronto, ON
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(416) 504-5127
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Website: http://fressenrestaurant.com/
Cuisine: Breakfast  Vegetarian  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Zengarden,   visited on 2006-10-21 ,  overall
Just went to Fressen this morning. I realize that vegan doesn't do enough to excite your arteries but I really enjoyed the brunch. I had corn fritters that came with seasoned potatoes, a straweberry and greens salad, guacamole and salsa. Started with carrot and coconut soup. Hook me up to an i.v. of this wonderful soup. The amuse bouche was a mini muffin that was so delicious.

BTW, I am not a vegan. So I was delighted with the food served today.

reviewed by Food Tourist,   visited on 2006-10-10 ,  overall
Fressen on Queen West does a marvellous job with most dishes and can accommodate any special diet. They have gluten-free dishes already on their menu. Be forewarned that it is "sharing-style" and dishes arrive randomly when they are ready, so if you are ordering separately and not sharing dishes, then one of you could be finished your meal before the other person receives their food!

reviewed by alltummy,   visited on 2006-09-01 ,  overall
Fressen's new menu (haven't been in a while, so not sure when it changed) is excellent. I was disappointed to see that it had changed, and that they have moved to small plates... however, i couldn't believe how much better the food was! We ordered 6 dishes, and all but one was spectacular! THe polenta was just okay- not super. But the other dishes were wonderful- a very interesting potato salad stands out, as does the wild mushroom side. THey still have their cocktails (the greyhound with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice remains my fave)
It has changed so dramatically i thought that they must have a new chef, but the waitress said no, the chef just tired of his old menu, and completely changed it. I was very impressed!

reviewed by fickle,   visited on 2006-08-30 ,  overall
I was at Fressen for dinner last Friday. Their small plates are really medium plates! The portions are huge. We ordered 5 dishes and a dessert between the two of us and it was a lot of food. We had the potato & fennel salad (tasty), avocado & corn salsa spinach blinis (absolutely delicious, we fought over the last piece!), the king and shitake mushrooms on spinach (my favourite dish, great balance of flavours), the tempeh fish & chips (tahini cucumber tartar sauce was decadent), the cornmeal oyster mushrooms (we thought this was the weakiest dish, the batter was too dense and bland for the delicacy of an oyster mushroom, it would have been better suited if it was a light tempura batter) and the belgium chocolate platter (also decadent). Service was great. They allowed us to leisurely enjoy our meal at our own pace. Definitely make reservations if you plan to go. Both the table and bar seating were full throughout the night (we were there for about 3 hours).

reviewed by manjari,   visited on 2006-06-21 ,  overall
As a lifelong vegetarian, Fressen was a place I had to try when it was new. I wasn't terribly impressed. The food was too pricey for the quality, the atmosphere was a little ominous, and the service seemed rather...surly and inattentive. This has changed drastically.

I recently decided to try brunch at Fressen with my roommate, and we were completely impressed. They've removed some of the darker decor, so it feels bright and warm on the inside. The service was happy, swift, and at the perfect level of familiarity. And the food was fantastic! The tofu, salad, potatoes - all wonderful. And I've never had such a good soya latté.

Whoever overhauled this place did a grand job, and I have no problems telling friends to go there, now. Kudos to Fressen! I hope more all-vegan fine-dining will follow!

reviewed by Anita,   visited on 2006-04-25 ,  overall
I just visited Fressen on Wednesday night. It was fantastic. I only had dessert (chocolate ice cream, wonderful fruits, chocolate covered cashew cookie). My brother had a wonderful carrot/ginger soup. Even their bread was great.

reviewed by Lee,   visited on 2006-03-18 ,  overall
try Fressen! More expensive but delish. With all of the amazing flavours at this restaurant, you won't miss meat and you might even crave veg dishes more!

visited on 2005-10-15
Best meal I've ever had: delicious, imaginitive - complemented by fantastic bread and drinks. My partner and I think this is the best vegetarian restaurant in the entire world. I wish we had Fressen in London.

visited on 2005-10-06
Truly outstanding cuisine whic h is mouth watering! No heart attack food here - only simply delicious food with a healthy flair!!! The service is quick and knowledgable. Each dish i s presented like a sculptured work of art. Truly an experien ce in fine exquisite dining! N ot to be missed by any means.

visited on 2005-09-25
went there for brunch today with my omni friend. just looking at the menu was great. even though i am not a vegan, i often find myself limited to 2 or 3 choices at the average restaurant. even though the wait for the food was pretty lengthy, it was completely worth it. we both couldn't finish our meals and we're not shy eaters. for less than 10 bucks we both had a meal that was fresh, healthy, cruelty free and absolutely delicious. will come back to try dinner, soon!

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