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Zefferini Ristorante

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Location: 525 Brooker Ridge, Newmarket, ON
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(905) 895-4717
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Cuisine: Italian  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Al,   visited on 2007-02-11 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $25  
It's all about food! I had Angel Hair Pasta and my wife had Gnocchi. House wine was good. Sometimes we go out for dinner and are back home by 6pm. Not tonight. A very casual evening with no rushing. They were in no hurry to rush us out - just take your time - eat, talk, drink and be happy! The staff were as nice as ever - asking how was your dinner - removing eaten dishes and ready to talk if you want. Fresh bread always helps. There were two servers and they also had a party of about 30+ to take care of - the party food looked amazing.

Our food was great! No room for desert! My wife had 'soup of the day' and it was so fantastic I had trouble stopping myself from tasting it 4-5-8... times...

They sell pizza, meats, pasta, rice ... lots of choice. Next time I will try a meat disk.

I would easily bring company here.

visited on 2006-04-19
i actually came here when they first opened. when i returned this week, i remembered why i hadn't come back. food was bland. selection... well, there was a lot if you like veal three hundred different ways. service... lacking. we actaully had to hail her down for refills. i don't think i'll need to be reminded of why i won't return in the future.

visited on 2006-03-05 ,  overall
i visited on a evening when they have a 1/2 price pasta special between 5 and 7pm. when we arrived it was quite busy and the server was quick to point out there may be a bit of a wait, so we chatted and enjoyed our wine. our food may have taken longer than ususal, but it was well worth the wait for us. the food was excellent! our server was great, i would strongly recommend this restaurant.

reviewed by garthe browne,   visited on 2005-12-16
we found this restaurant to be in need of huge service boost as far as we are concerned. we stood at the door waiting to be sat on an evening that was very slow. some of the staff seemed preoccupied doing nothing and simply stared as we waited to be approached. perhaps; they were not used to having a quiet evening. when someone finally came up to (which seemed like almost 3 minutes) sit us-he attempted to put us in the back corner. i informed him that we had made reservations for a window seat. although, he did not appear to be happy about our desire to change his seating arrangements, he brought us to a window seat. we waited for another 5 minutes until someone finally came over. i am not going to go over the minute details although they are still fresh in my mind. here is quick synopsis of our experience: food was bland, uninspiring and lack basic presentation. the server never once asked if we enjoyed our meal. if he had, we would have told him. perhaps, better service is reserved for regulars. while every restaurant should shower their regulars with extra care and service-they should not ignore the ones that come in for the first time. it so happens that we also live in the area and decided to give this restaurant a try. sadly it was a mistake. i have a hard time recommending this restaurant to any friends or family. we would have paid double the price for better food and service.

reviewed by franca malfara,   visited on 2005-09-07 ,  overall
we always go out to eat as a family and because we are european we are quiet fussy when it comes to good food. we have tried many restaurants, but zefferini has exceeded our expectations! the chef creates beautiful dishes full of flavour and aroma! hats off to the chef and his great crew! always a happy face to greet you and excellent service.

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