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Casey's Bar & Grill

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Location: 17600 Yonge Street, Newmarket, ON
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(905) 953-9880
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Cuisine: Bar and Grill  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Bob & Gina,   visited on 2006-03-17 ,  overall
this was a pleasant surprise for us. we chose to eat there because we were shopping with some friends at the upper canada mall, and it was convenient. not expecting more than the average food/service from this type of atmosphere, we were pleasantly surprised at everything!! we had been to another place furthur north, and other than the fantastic potato wedges they had there, we were not impressed with the staff and service. here, however, it was the best we've had in a long time, the food was great (though we were disappointed they removed the wedges from the menu: thus the '9' rating for food). our server, leah, was the most pleasant waitress i have ever met. she knew the menu well, made wonderfule recommendations for us all, and was very attentive to us the whole time. worth the wait to get in at that time, and leah, keep smiling! you're the best!

reviewed by sandy randell and family,   visited on 2006-02-19 ,  overall
i love your spinich salad - it's awesome. very fresh and the shrimp are yummy. i just want to commend ian. he is such a great, funny waitor. every time we have gone in there to have dinner - if ian is there - we always have a wonderufl experience. we had a bachlorette party there aug 2005 and the service he gave us was unforgettable. keep up the great work ian - because of you we will for sure be back.. this location is at upper canada mall in newmarket - thanks

reviewed by drew,   visited on 2006-01-10 ,  overall
my visit to casey's was astonishing friendly senic overlly sastisfying atmosphere, amazing servers, i rate it a 100 out of 10 the owner should be so proud of his restraunte' congratgulation! the spinige dip was outragously good

visited on 2005-08-01
the service was friendly and good. the food is a standard quality for a franchise nothing exceptional but acceptable if you are looking to go out for dinner for something standard.

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