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Bangkok Thai Cuisine

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Location: 16775 Yonge Street, Newmarket, ON
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(905) 895-7211
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Cuisine: Thai  

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reviewed by peter watts,   visited on 2006-04-22 ,  overall
we took my mother here for her birthday. food was fabulous and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. when we came in they asked if we had reservations. we did not and i wondered because the place looked empty. by the time we left it was full . no wonder.

reviewed by ron d and family,   visited on 2006-03-30 ,  overall
we've been wanting to try the thai restaurants in the area since we moved to newmarket earlier this year. this restaurant was a little quiet but it was thursday evening and i think there was a leaf game on too. anyway, food was great. definitley would recommend this establishment to anyone wanting thai food.

visited on 2005-11-09 ,  overall
everything was great , we called for take out. the only thing to be aware of is that you need to order rice seperately with the sweet basil beef , they don't mention that in the menu...once i borrowed some rice from one of our party it was great.

reviewed by peter lee,   visited on 2005-10-20
the service was very good, but the food was average compared to other thai restaurants i have been to. the lunch special is a good deal and i would recommend it. i would go back if i had no other choice.

reviewed by john smith,   visited on 2005-09-16 ,  overall
the pad thai is very good! the chicken is zesty with lots of flavour, without being too spicy....

reviewed by anthony,   visited on 2005-09-14 ,  overall
the service here is excellent. the food at this restaurant was incredible! the food here was so good, that thai food is now my favourite type of food but it has to be from here only! i recommend this restaurant 100%. will be back soon!

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