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Al Gonquin's Cottage Grill

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Location: 17480 Yonge, Newmarket, ON
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(905) 715-7999
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Cuisine: Casual  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by stephen thomson,   visited on 2006-05-06 ,  overall
this restaurant was very good, the waiters were very helpful and professional. the atmosphere was amazing. p.s it's easy to steal beer from the back fridge

reviewed by Customer Service Rep.,   visited on 2006-03-24 ,  overall
this is a very friendly enjoyable dinning place. casual atmosphere, with nice waitstaff and good food. any enjoyable night out for all ages.

reviewed by Alison G.,   visited on 2005-05-10 ,  overall
extremely friendly staff. owner joined us on the patio and joked around with us. two great patios with lots of christmas lights strung up for a party effect. also interesting wilderness decor inside. food is consistently excellent and reasonably-priced. cocktails served in fishbowls are delicious. this is one of my favourite local restaurants, i would highly recommend it.

visited on 2005-01-01 ,  overall
the food was warm. aside from the pizza all items tasted as though they were not not fresh and were reheated. i would not go there again.

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