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Cynthia's Chinese Restaurant

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Location: 16715 Yonge Street, Newmarket, ON
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(905) 836-8113
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Cuisine: Chinese  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Dale,   visited on 2007-07-09 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $28  
Way over-priced and average food. They charge twice for one pot of tea...for shame. I recommend looking elsewhere. You can find better for less with superior service.

reviewed by andrew gadsby,   visited on 2006-09-10 ,  overall
the service was fast and efficient and the selection of food was fantastic. the taste was amazing and the price was great. the atmosphere was very nice; open and uncluttered. a great place to dine.

reviewed by lise lauzon,   visited on 2006-03-06 ,  overall
excellent restaurant for both lunch and fine dining!

reviewed by per cedergren,   visited on 2006-01-01 ,  overall
i have been to cynthia's many times, and the food and atmosphere are simply great!

reviewed by Mr. and Mrs. Sayer of Whitby,   visited on 2006-01-01 ,  overall
this was our first dining experience at cynthia's and we were very impressed with the quality and selection of food. as well the presentation and service was outstanding. it was a dining pleasure worth repeating and we would definitely recommend cynthia's without hesitation.

reviewed by kelly summers,   visited on 2005-12-23 ,  overall
amazing!!! the food is not only good for you, but the restaurant offers healthy dishes too. the people are just great and i met the owner cynthia (very nice woman). the only thing negative... is the waiting time. if you want to eat at 7pm leave for there at 6:30! or 6:20pm byebye

reviewed by don rudman,   visited on 2005-10-13 ,  overall
i took my brother to cynthia's for his birthday, he loves good chinese food. i had the lemon chicken and my brother had the sizzling beef...both were fantastic and the service was remarkable. my brother was so impressed that he thinks he may plan his wifes birthday next month at cynthia's....he said the food is worth the long drive from agincourt!

reviewed by adam and laura,   visited on 2005-10-04 ,  overall
cute restaurant but lacked with intimacy since design is so open excellent food and nicely presented felt a tad rushed overall it was a fairly enjoyable dining experience

reviewed by howard tenenbaum,   visited on 2005-09-05
good quality 'north american style' cantonese chinese food. i suggest staying with the staples (chow mein, won ton soup etc) as opposed to szechuan style foods (e.g. hot and sour soup, general tao's chicken). service might be a bit too pretentious but it is attentive.

reviewed by mark rossi,   visited on 2005-06-24 ,  overall
best chinese food we've ever had! expect more buisness from us!

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