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Swagat Indian Cuisine & Caterers

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Location: 2074 Steeles Avenue East, Brampton, ON
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(905) 791-4262
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Cuisine: Buffet  Indian  

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reviewed by hp etoshia,   visited on 2004-07-20 ,  overall
this place is great, it has a combo of veg and non veg foods, served as buffet or as a specific meal. they have nice and clean buffet area, lots of cooks, and waiters are well dressed and speak english and are friendly usually. the washrooms were under construction when i went so i have no clue what they look like now, but that ws the only down fall i remember. the food was great, the kebobs especially, which isnt normal idea of kebob, but more like ground meat seasoned and rolled and stuck onto a skewer and then cooked in like a clay oven, and boy does it taste great, that and their butter chicken. i will go back here hopefully some time soon

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