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La Capannina Restaurant

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Location: 21 George Street North, Brampton, ON
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(905) 457-6661
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Cuisine: Italian  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by jennifer,   visited on 2006-04-15 ,  overall
the decor is a little outdated, but the service and delicious food makes up for it ten-fold.

reviewed by Michael O'Neill,   visited on 2006-03-04 ,  overall
by far, the best restaurant in brampton. the food is always superb, and the the service superb. if you are complaining about this restaurant, as a kid, you probably hated santa claus.

reviewed by jeff freeman,   visited on 2006-02-14 ,  overall
i surprised my girlfriend by driving up to brampton and taking her to this restaurant on valentine's day. i was really impressed, and i guess i lucked out, as i choose this restaurant "sight unseen". the service was very quick, polite, and intelligent. the food was great, and the general atmosphere was pleasant.

reviewed by deborah,   visited on 2005-10-22
food was good but no better than any other fine italian restaurant. nothing special. the atmosphere was very loud and noisy though. the service was excellent.

reviewed by pat,   visited on 2005-05-10
i went there on recommendation of a friend, boy was i disappointed...first the waiter was telling us the nights special by looking at anything else but us, then the wrong wine was brought to us, and the meal was mediocre, suffice to say i won't return.

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