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Cuisine Of India

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Location: 5222 Yonge St, North York, ON
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(416) 229-0377
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Cuisine: Indian  

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reviewed by wordsworth,   visited on 2006-09-07 ,  overall
Cuisine of India excels at tandoori items (which other places usually can't do properly). Cuisine's tandoori paneer is particularly delicious. The big star is the tandoori salmon. I've had it about 20 times and it was perfect everytime, except for once. Their best dish, alas, is no longer on the menu - tandoori lamb.

reviewed by kari,   visited on 2006-02-05
This restaurant serves a fairly simple buffet that leans more towards vegetable curries, rice, with usually only two meat curries and of course the staple tandoori chicken - the naans are very soft and slightly chewy, perfect for dipping; secondly the veggie curries are not too greasy. This isn’t a place where you go for great variety, but if you’re looking for a couple of good veggies, you’ll find them. Clean.

reviewed by dave,   visited on 2005-11-11 ,  overall
excellent food and service.

reviewed by Alison G.,   visited on 2005-05-09 ,  overall
this is a classy restaurant with great food and service. it would be a great place for a party or a date.

reviewed by manjeet singh,   visited on 2005-02-22 ,  overall
hello there, mr sharma's cooking skills are one of the best. when we want indian cooking we will travel far to come and have his amazing cooking, his sauces are the best of the best. we have referred many of our friends and collegues, the service is also the best and very clean and polite. thank you

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