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Imperial Buffet

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Location #1: Note: This location is closed
1881 Steeles Ave W, North York, ON
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(416) 650-7171
Location #2: 24 Lebovic ave, Scarborough, ON
Warden ave / Eglinton ave
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(416) 288-9699
Location #3: 163 Harwood ave north, Ajax, ON
Harwood ave / Kingston rd
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(905) 428-0988
Location #4: 3120 Dixie rd, Mississauga, ON
Dixie rd / Dundas st
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(905) 848-8388
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Website: http://www.imperialbuffet.com/
Cuisine: Buffet  Chinese  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Trinity,   visited on 2009-10-22 ,  overall
I think comments are location based. Personally-- staff were rude. I think they are biased and judgemental..they do treat some people nicer than others. Food was ok. I had better buffets for sure. I like to try out new things..I do have my comfort restaurant where i eat often. But out of new restaurants I try..Im B. definitely below my standards. Food and service wise.

reviewed by Daniel,   visited on 2009-08-09 ,  overall
Tags: Unbelievably bad
Hi all just a quick question before I even start writing the review. Anyone knows the meaning of buffet here? I know what you all r thinking " a place where we could eat anything we want for any amount" but unfortunately the employees/ the manager in the Warden & Eglington location buffet don't know the meaning. I went with my kids for lunch to Imperial buffet, and was treated very badly. First of all their food was very bad. It was not worth a penny we paid. Second the employees/ the MANAGER don't know how to treat the customers. They don't take our dirty plates very often...and when we ask something they don't even smile for courtesy. They told us not to try too many different foods. We had some left overs in my kids plates, and I don't know who gave them the rights to come and lecture my wife about her parenting skills...they told us to teach our kids to clean the whole plate. Come on THEY R CHILDRENSSSSSSSSS....Aren't they getting paid to clean those left over foods..isn't that wat their job is, and aren't we giving tips for that? And to the frustrating part when we asked for the manager to one of the employee..she put her hand up, and with a mocking smile she said "I'm the manager". Then only I know where the employees learned to treat their customers this badly. We didn't even finish our food that we paid for. They practically made us to push our plates away and leave the place with furious. Bottom line is if you want to be respected and have a good food DON'T GO THERE...SAVE UR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

reviewed by James,   visited on 2009-06-16 ,  overall
Tags: Scarborough Location Really Quite Bad
I've only visited the Scarborough location, but I would be shocked that the same people would do a terrible job in Scarborough, serving low-quality ingredients, poorly prepared, and have such little pride to not even try, and somehow decide to do it 180 degrees the opposite in Ajax or Mississauga, but I suppose it's possible.

I know that it's a buffet, so one cannot expect top-notch food, but this place was really bad, even for buffet standards. Let me say that I don't love Mandarin, but Imperial is not even close to Mandarin.

The only worse buffet I've ever been to is Lily Garden on Wilson in North York - truly horrendous, but Imperial was shockingly bad.
I will never, ever go back.

reviewed by Ortiz,   visited on 2008-12-09 ,  overall
I really like the general variety of Imperial at Ajax. I know my other friends rave about it too. I prefer it over Mandarin which seems over priced to me. Imperial is the better value. I especially like their dessert options.

reviewed by Mel,   visited on 2008-11-01 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $18   Tags: Best General Tao Chicken
We visit the Mississauga location on a regular basis (approx. 2 times a month) because we haven't found any that could possibly better!
We love the food.. everything is always fresh.. and refilled on the spot. They have great chicken dishes and their General Tao Chicken is amazing. But in general all the food is really good. I have never eaten anything there that I did not like.. The service is also decent.. The waiters are friendly and there right away when you need new drinks. They also clean the plates right away.

And when you go for lunch it is a especially a good deal since it is just about $13 per person.

reviewed by not satisfied,   visited on 2008-04-09 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $25  
visited the ajax location the over charged us also the food was not great at all try tuckers thats the best place to dine after we left the restaurant we noticed the extra charges please if you plan to dine at imperial ajax location please look out for the very fat waiter he talks alot so you will be distracted please check your bill and smell the food if its rotten do not get excited of the variety of food its garbage its proven by my family check your bill before you leave bad bad experience

reviewed by Pat Lam,   visited on 2008-04-05 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $25   Tags: Loved the Escargot
Haha, there is definitely some haters here. We live in Scarborough and we drive out to Ajax every weekend because we simply can not find a better buffet anywhere else. We love their escargot, smoked salmon, scampi tails and fresh grilled sirloin steaks.

reviewed by Aaron,   visited on 2008-03-22 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $25  
I have noticed several comments were posted by people who are
working at other buffet restaurant. So, I have to say they are being
ignorant by posting nasty comment about Imperial B. Personally, I
like the choices of food. I agree that Imperial has to work on the
service and we should always double check the bills for mistake. If
there's really food poisoning, I think media will make a big news
out of it.

reviewed by Ardyce,   visited on 2008-02-25 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $25   Tags: good
No complaints to register but praise. If anyone was hospitalized, I don't think they could stay busy/open everytime I go....how much did the competition pay you anyways? hehe

reviewed by karebear,   visited on 2008-02-21 ,  overall
Tags: amazing
We have been patrons of imperial Buffet in Ajax since it opened. I have always found the food amazing!!! i will admit that sometimes service is lacking, but the quality and choice of dishes have always been outstanding!!! I have no idea what people are talking about when they say the food is terrible and that they were hospitalized, its ridiculous!

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