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Sunset Grill

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Location: 2901 Eglinton Avenue West, Mississauga, ON
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(905) 569-6009
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Cuisine: Bar and Grill  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Never Again,   visited on 2009-07-05 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $12  
I've gone to Sunset Grill in Richmond Hill on Yonge St. and Jefferson on numerous occasions. For the most part, I've never been thrilled with the food or service, but because I can't find another breakfast place near my house, I keep thinking I'll give it another chance. After today though, I will never go back to that location. I have never seen such poor service and attention to detail. To sum it up: waited needlessly even though there were so many tables available, but the bus boy/waitresses couldn't move quick enough; the waitresses were slow (mentally and physically) and seem to be for the most part inexperienced; the cooks (there were about 6 of them back there) were also extremely slow and they were serving crap to customers. From dry, burnt bacon, to burnt homefries that had been on the grill all day. We had to wait about 40 minutes for our breakfast. Considering there are so many people who work at that location, you'd expect quick, quality service. Management needs to look at these things instead of just standing at the cash and taking the money in. What ever happened to quality control!

reviewed by joe blasic,   visited on 2006-04-22 ,  overall
wow..this place is awesome! lineup out the door..servers are great and the food is delicious..have been to 3 other sunset grills but this one(mississauga location) has a special touch to it.

reviewed by frank,   visited on 2006-03-28 ,  overall
mississauge needed an breakfast restaurant like this.very casual atmosphere and amazing food. you can always tell how clean a restaurant is by there washroom. it was super clean. friendly staff and prompt. will go again

reviewed by bob gibson,   visited on 2005-10-01 ,  overall
Tags: all-day breakfast
been anxiously awaiting the opening of this restaurant as i have dined in the beaches one in the past. after building up my wife on it, was let down. she was not overly hungry and wanted the children's meal...but could not for an unpublished rule which our waitress told us verbally of having to be under 13. so she had toast only and i shared mine. was let down to say the least as my wife does not eat a whole lot sometimes and gets the 'value meal' to avoid waste and leftovers. so we went back to smitty's where we have been going for breakfast.

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