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Asian Wok N Roll

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Location: 2919 Derry Road East, Mississauga, ON
Airport Rd / Derry Rd E
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(905) 671-8997
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Website: http://asianwoknroll.com
Cuisine: Chinese  Hakka  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by richard,   visited on 2010-11-23 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $10  
I have visited a lot of Hakka restaurants in the GTA and by far this place is the worst of them all!!! The hot and sour soup is not authentic and the chilli chicken is pathetic. They tried to rip us off on the bill and we had to argue with the manager to get the bill corrected. Terrible experience. Better to go across the street to China Garden. Sure the decoration isn't great but the food is better.

reviewed by John Hart-Smith,   visited on 2008-10-08 ,  overall
The food may be good but I don't know since I wasn't served in time.

My soup order and lunch order was messed up. I had to wait an additional 25 minutes without explanation and then when the food arrived I had to leave.

I spoke with someone who was acting Manager.

There was a feeble attempt at a lame excuse about a large party in the restaurant and hence the delay.

When I asked for an explanation about how the order was messed up when the server wrote it down, there was only a blank stare back.

I asked for the lunch to be placed in a container to go I was informed that if I took the lunch I would have to pay for it. Otherwise I wouldn't be charged with the bill

Needless to say I wasn't going to pay for it and I left the lunch there.

I'm reasonable and delays do happen as well as orders getting messed up.

Had there been a genuine explanation/apology and an attempt by the restaurant management to take responsibility for their server messing up the order then I would've been willing to pay and let it go at that.

The acting Manager trying to push away responsibility didn't impress me at all.

I won't be returning to the Asian Wok N Roll and I will tell everyone I know what a Mickey Mouse operation this place is.

reviewed by Lorne,   visited on 2008-07-18 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $10   Tags: Great New Location With Super Food and Service
I visited the new location beside Meadowvale GO.
A beautiful clean place with great service. BUT the best thing is the food. Hot and sour soup, Manchurian chicken, BIG shrimps all super. I highly recommend this place for value, service and especially the Great food. I like things a bit spicy and they have lots of choices that provide that too.

reviewed by Asha,   visited on 2008-03-11 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $8   Tags: Delhiates, there is fresh Momo in Sauga
Momo in Hakka Restaurant! For the 1st time since I have been in Canada-5 long years, I finally found Vegetarian Momo, juicy and yummy!!! My hubby had the chicken momo. Take us back to our dating days, eating them near Kashmere Gate. Delhiates! You must visit this joint. I am going back on the weekend with a whole bunch of friends from our college days!

reviewed by Vaibhav,   visited on 2008-02-19 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $15   Tags: Indian Chinese
This place was recommended to me by my Boss in office, he been living in Canada for past 7-8 yrs, he likes this place asked me to check it out, at 1st i was bit reluctant, coz I thot it might be authentic Chinese resturent and my wife may not like it, but when we saw the menu, was quite surprised to see the items tht we get back in Mumbai, and enjoyed our time over there been there twice after tht, and also would be going again......

reviewed by Hussain,   visited on 2008-02-14 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $10   Tags: Woking and Rolling all the way
The best spot compared to other restaurant in the area. Very clean, staff is extremely friendly and also speaks urdu! Very busy on Valentine's Day, service was slow but we have no complain since food was delish and not expensive!

reviewed by jaikishan jackie,   visited on 2007-09-07 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $12   Tags: Too Good To Be True
i was invited to this restaurant by my cousin for a party. this area in malton doesnot have too many good reputated restaurant, i was hesitant to go but since the whole family was attending, i had no choice. but i was pleasantly surprised and actually enjoyed myself last friday. lollipop chicken and soup (sweet and sour) was the best.. the owner must like gardening. he/she has done a good job. now i should plan a party at this place, they are renovating a private hall extention. (Bang, bang going on)

reviewed by Mo,   visited on 2007-08-24 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $8   Tags: Asian Wok and Roll, you rock baby
I accidently came across the sign that read Hakka restaurant, went in to check it out..I do not believe it....this place really rocks! All chinese staff working in this restaurant speaks urdu! Takes me back to Pakistan.

The best part is, the head chef is from Hong Kong Restaurant - Karachi!

Food, service and decor is good. Keep up the good job!

reviewed by Jamshed,   visited on 2007-06-18 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $8   Tags: Must try to believe HUGE SURPRISE, THE BEST
I drive by this place at least 5 times a week, finally I went in one afternoon. This restaurant in the corner of Airport and Derry. The name itself is so interesting. Asian WOK & ROLL. Trust me, it is not going to be the last time I am going in there. Very surprised with the cleanliness, quality of food and the waitress's attention and service. Pricing is reasonable and quantity is HUGE. I am going to plan my next gathering in the restaurant.

reviewed by Mohsin,   visited on 2006-12-28 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $8   Tags: Uh lalala
After many years I have across Lollipop Chicken in Canada! Fried spicy chicken wings in a lollilop shape! It was sooooo good. The Vegetable Manchurian, in a round ball shape, to die for...yummy! Great service, clean and friendly atmosphere. Will visit again...

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