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Location: 97 Harbord Street, Toronto, ON
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(416) 920-2186
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Cuisine: Eclectic  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by duckliver,   visited on 2006-09-08
I'm not a huge fan of Messis. I've been there a lot (for work), but I find the food stuck in a phyllo-wrapped time warp. The food is consistent, but not very good. Uninspired, really. I'd go next door to 93 Harbourd. Quite nice. Quite interesting.

reviewed by alltummy,   visited on 2006-09-07 ,  overall
Messis is consistently yummy - i used to live around the corner, and went often- esp if it is summer/fall and you sit on the patio. The patio is always crowded, and has a nice relaxed vibe.

reviewed by hoohaa,   visited on 2006-08-03 ,  overall
i think it is one of the most underrated restos in the city. in the past few months i have had 2 really great meals there (muscovy duck breast...mmmm...stands out in my mind). the food is very reasonably priced and SO IS THE WINE ( i recommend the petit syrah/zinfandel blend by bogle). on top of this, the service is great. if you want to sit on the patio reserve well in advance.

reviewed by nathan sollman,   visited on 2005-12-12 ,  overall
i wanted let people know that this restaurant is amazing. i have eaten there several times. the service is great, and the food is outstanding, and the ambience is romantic. the only review i have seen of this restaurant is very poor. however, i feel that someone must have had a vendetta for this restaurant because it is amazing. i will go back many more times. there wine list is impressive too, as my they carry my favorite wine which is mitchell grenache from a 2001 vintage.

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