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Camerini Ristorante

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Location: 709 Mount Pleasant Road, Toronto, ON
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(416) 483-6784
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Cuisine: Italian  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by TTGTA,   visited on 2006-09-28 ,  overall
wow! The restaurant and the food reminded us of some best meals we had in Italy -- an unpretentious, cozy space, with un-fusion, un-nouvel, totally cozy, fabulous food.

The honey and I started with Cesar salad -- very old school eggy and anchovy, not so much with the cheese -- and grilled calamari--charred and tender, not rubbery. Next the honey had a beautiful mushroom cream fettuccine that was earthy and mushroomy, and not very creamy -- gorgeous. I had the briaciole (sp?) a thin slice of veal wrapped around a cheese and ground meat stuffing that's braised in tomato sauce and served with spaghetti in the same sauce; it was also gorgeous. I didn't think I'd be able to finish it, but for once my stomach was bigger than my eyes, and there wasn't even a whiff of it left when I was done. With dinner we had a very nice primitivo red wine that wasn't on the wine list, but that was recommended by the chef. The total bill was $111 and worth every penny.

Last night there were only three tables going in the restaurant, but apparently they are busy on weekends, so they suggest that you call to reserve. And the honey and I will definitely be taking up table space regularly in the future...

reviewed by bogie,   visited on 2006-08-18 ,  overall
Camerini on Mt. Pleasant is amazing. They have a grilled calamari appetizer that is the best I've ever had. The complimentary bruschetta takes this simple dish to a new level.

The long pastas are all homemade and the mushroom cream sauce is superb.

This is a family restaurant in operation for over 25 years. Dad is the chef and Mom and the kids run the front of the house

reviewed by joshua fattore,   visited on 2006-01-19 ,  overall
i think that the atmosphere is amazing. the food makes you feel like you are in heaven, or back home in kingston at the restaurant your italian grandmother made so famous. and yes this is the cities best. anyone wanting the finest food should only eat here!!!! to die for!

reviewed by paula da cunha,   visited on 2005-11-11 ,  overall
the service was amazing the food was great, and yes, i agree, the calamari was delicious and the portabelo mushroom was great. they have the best penne a la vodka and the best bread in town

reviewed by dane jensen,   visited on 2005-09-04 ,  overall
Tags: grilled calamari, bruschetta
as far as i am concerned, camerini is the best italian restaurant in the city. period. the bruschetta is to die for, the bread is the best italian bread i've ever had, the antipasto is well balanced, and (to agree with the other reviewer) the grilled calamari is so good that i no longer order it in other restaurants. simply amazing!

reviewed by charles naylor,   visited on 2005-08-09 ,  overall
Tags: antipasta
this restaurant is a classic italian restaurant with beautiful antipasta. the olive oil is the proper spicey flavour and a complimentary order of bruschetta is brought to the table right when you sit down. i recommend any of the seafood and the grilled calimari is the best i've had (and i've lived in sicily). a true gem. i highly recommend this restaurant.

reviewed by peter smith,   visited on 2005-06-09 ,  overall
Tags: bruschetta, gelatto
i like to (informally) rate the many restaurants i attend on a three-sided scale (what i call the triangle of taste). in this case, the triangle was filled up with my love; absolutely and completely. the bruschetta was sublime, my pasta was certainly freshly made and had a certain undoubtable spicy twist, and the gelatto's sugary sweet heaven finished the evening off in an unforgettable way. encore, i say to the talented team who delivered me my delight and bravo! to whomever trained them in this pursuit!

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