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Caffe Volo

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Location: 587 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON
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(416) 928-0008
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Cuisine: Cafe  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by donna,   visited on 2006-04-15 ,  overall
wonderful service, enchanting atmosphere, excellent food. we loved the beer and ontario vqa wine selections. i guarantee that i will be back next time i'm in the city and will recommend to anyone looking for a place to relax and enjoy an

visited on 2006-01-01 ,  overall
Tags: escargot
i love this place. ive been several times in the past 10 years and have never been dissapointed. i have spent 100$ on an italian meal in to but the food was no better. have the special whatever it is, and have the escargot if available. if youve had it and not been a fan (as i was) the you may see how good it is when its done right. excellent value!

reviewed by elizabeth,   visited on 2005-05-18 ,  overall
Tags: group, party
i've been going to volo for years! it's a great italian restaurant with delicious food and great, affordable prices. the menu includes wood-burning oven pizzas. the atmosphere is cozy, friendly and casual. the serving staff don't overly impose themselves on you and are friendly and seem to magically appear exactly when you're thinking to call on them. it's a great place for groups and parties and they have a big outdoor patio. my friends, family and i go regularly for parties and special occasions.

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