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Bibiche Bistro

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Location: 2326 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON
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(416) 463-9494
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reviewed by PF,   visited on 2008-12-31 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $45  
A Last Sentimental Visit!
A group of 4 of us visited Bibiche for New Year's Eve dinner and it was somewhat sentimental, as this was our final meal there before they relocate to the Beaches. We devoured everything with great relish!
The Avocado Salad and 'Dollars & Cents' Soup were terrific. Two of us had the Pistachio Chicken with orange tarragon sauce (heavenly), 1 had the exquisite Sea Scallops St. Jacques and the other, the wicked Cocido Tagliatelle. We topped it all off with the decadent Chocolate Blackberry Truffle Pie and almost needed a wheel barrow to move us afterwards!
The Danforth restaurant is closing January 25th and we wish them all the best at their new location on Queen East. We're hoping to be there for the opening!

reviewed by Carl,   visited on 2008-04-12 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $35  
Bibiche has been around now for about 20 years. I guess it was a bit of a pioneer in the otherwise wasteland of the east Danforth when it opened all those years ago. There's no question the room could use and update, but the great food and hospitable service, more than make up for this minor flaw. My wife and I have been going there for about 15 years now, and are constantly amazed that they keep producing such a fine product after all thes years. Who knows how much longer they'll be around? On a personal note I'm hoping for a long time to come!

reviewed by MK,   visited on 2007-06-16 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $32  
Didn't know Bibiche had been around for so long! But I'm certainly glad we found it. Great grub at great prices. A good time was had by all. We went back a few weeks later with some friends and they loved it too.

reviewed by Dafoe,   visited on 2007-02-16 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $40  
Bibiche is the kind of old fashioned bistro that puts the emphasis on quality food and value for dollar. We have always thoroughly enjoyed our countless visits over the last 20 years.
If you are looking for pretention and trendy cool, I suggest you stay away. However, if what you enjoy is a good meal and don't want to mortgage the house to pay for it, Bibiche will fit the bill nicely.

reviewed by sierramum,   visited on 2007-02-14 ,  overall
Valentine's dinner at Bibiche Bistro
Well, just came back from a fabulous Valentine's dinner at Bibiche Bistro. Last time we went there, in the summer of '06, we were the only diners there. However, tonight, they were totally packed! Two families, a few foursomes, and the rest of the tables were couples.

For starters, we got the escargot and the duck liver paté. Both of which were fantastic. The escargot were plump and not gritty. The sauce and cheese were great dipped with the bread provided. The paté was one huge slice accompanied by melba toast, a sweet sauce, pickled red cabbage, and gherkins. Our server, Harry (also the owner?) mentioned that they made the paté in house. I eventually had to stop eating it because I wanted to save some room for our mains! At least I have a yummy treat waiting for me tomorrow morning, :-P.

Next came our mains - tomato and basil spaghettini with shrimps for my hubby and the Coquilles St. Jacques for me. My hubby really liked the pasta but my Coquilles...wow. Totally kicked ass! Came with three huge sea scallops and three shrimp in a mornay sauce with sliced mushrooms, pieces of sun dried tomatoes, and emmenthal cheese. The sides were a delicious rice w/ beans, vegetables, and baby potatoes.

And of course, due to it being Valentine's day, we both had dessert: Banana bread pudding with ice cream and toffee cheesecake with caramel sauce. Both to die for, both very rich and sweet! The cheesecake came home with us for our daughter to finish.

With 3 glasses of wine, our meal - with tip - cost us only $120.00!

Man, I love this place. :-D

reviewed by Artychoke,   visited on 2007-02-14 ,  overall
My husband and I were so looking forward to dinner at Bibiche tonight and were disappointed they were fully booked. It was our fault as we didn't make reservations. The disappointment comes from knowing we were going to miss a great meal. We have eaten there a number of times and have enjoyed every meal. We usually share the house salad that on any given night may contain besides greens, hearts of palm, avocado, nuts and fruits. The accompanying vinaigrette is good enough to drink! I too have had the Coquilles along with grilled salmon, pasta with shrimp and scallops, etc. The portions are very generous and the cheesecake is incredible. In addition to the food, charming owner Harry makes our meals memorable.

reviewed by Margaret,   visited on 2007-02-07 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $40  
This has been a special place for my family & friends for almost 20 years! I love the mussels! They are the best ever! Ambiance is great & the guys are wonderful! They always make you feel as though they are entertaining at home.

reviewed by gamont,   visited on 2007-01-17 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $35  
Grand little bistro that offers great food at great prices with great service. Did I say great?
The menu covers all the bases and does so very well. The lack of pretention that seems very evident in many other TO restaurants is a big plus.
It's - and I repeat myself - a great spot. Check it out.

reviewed by JM,   visited on 2006-12-23 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $35  
Great little bistro in the otherwise wasteland of the eastern Danforth. Can't think of any other resto in this area that offers what Bibiche does. Yummy food, great portions and wonderfully reasonable. Worth many a visit!

reviewed by mistyi,   visited on 2006-06-27 ,  overall
We've been there on numerous weekend nights and it's either been very busy or just steady. Always a good idea to book just to be safe. According to the owner, the summer slows down quite a bit.
Do try that great Pecan Chicken and the daily fish is always prepared beautifully. We had some incredible sea scallops which were on special last visit. Cooked to perfection and only 20 bucks.
I've never had a meal at Bibiche that I didn't enjoy.

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