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Bombay Palace

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Location: 71 Jarvis St., Toronto, ON
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(416) 368-8048
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Website: http://bombaypalace.sites.toronto.com
Cuisine: Indian  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by pc15,   visited on 2006-03-03 ,  overall
I always enjoy going to Bombay Palace on jarvis. It is a little more expensive, but they do have a dinner buffet that is pretty good. nothing groundbreaking but the flavours are good and the prices I remember being reasonable (it was a while ago).

visited on 2004-06-29
We enjoyed the lunch buffet. Food was excellent and some unusual dishes. Service was great. Our water glasses were continually refilled and dirty plates taken away as we finished with them. Overall a terrific experience and we look forward to going back.

visited on 2004-04-29
I took business clients there yesterday and was embarrassed by the filthy carpet and food selections that were only lukewarm. Much better eating on Gerrard Street for far less money!

visited on 2004-03-29
Service was excellent and everything else was bad. The seats are so disgusting it looks like they have not been cleaned for years. It really takes your appetite away. As for the food it was just okay. Dinner buffet is not worth the price because the selection isn't that great. I have eaten at quite a few different indian restaurants and was very disappointed here. My friend was in the mood for Indian food so I suggested this place because of the buffet. Lets just say neither one of us will go back nor would we recommend it.

visited on 2003-11-12
This is definitely the place, if you wanna impress someone. I found the decor beautiful and food excellent. The service is incredible; our server was very pleasant,he provided us with very attentive service. Thanx...

visited on 2003-10-18
After trying at least 15 different Indian restaurants in the city, without a doubt Bombay far outweighs all of them! Food is ALWAYS superb and service is always friendly. We have introduced dozens of people (even sceptics who say "I don't like curry") to Indian food at Bombay and they have all become regulars. There are great misconceptions that Indian food is only curry and is spicy. As a matter of fact, many dishes do not have any curry and are not spicy. If this is your first time trying Indian, try the Aloo Papri Chat or Onion Bhajia appetisers. Other greats are Chicken Tikka, Butter Chicken and Eggplant Bharta. This is our favourite restaurant in the city and we HIGHLY recommend it!!! After eating at Bombay, other foods will seem tasteless and boring. Every dish is a taste sensation that will keep you coming back for more! We guarantee it!

visited on 2003-06-27
A good night out, also great takeout. Very friendly when it comes to the "I had this thing last time, it had chix..." questions.

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