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Academy Of Spherical Arts

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Location: 1 Snooker St, Toronto, ON
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(416) 532-2782
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Website: http://www.sphericalarts.com/
Cuisine: Casual  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by holdencn,   visited on 2006-04-08 ,  overall
We have been here once and it was unbeleivable! The food was to die for, Definately worth the 5 stars! Much more pricy than other places in the area. Had a Zebra Lobster infused pasta, I was druling the whole way through my meal. The appetizers are awesome and the staff is very accomidating (they dont serve fries at night, but for us, hey we got em!). Drinks are on the high end of average price. 4 of us played pool and ate for 3 hours and it came to about $180.

reviewed by josh martin,   visited on 2006-03-01 ,  overall
Staff, beautiful bar and antique billiard tables made for a great evening out on the town!

reviewed by wblog,   visited on 2006-02-22 ,  overall
It is located in the heart of Toronto's Warehouse District in the former Brunswick Balke Collender Company manufacturing building. They have done a beautiful job of restoring the building and have a collection of antique billiards, snooker and 9-10 foot pool tables for you to play. They say that many of their tables have simply "come home" after a few years out in the world.

Everything on the menu is worth sampling. I have not known anyone that was unhappy with their dinner at the Academy. The Academy is know for their diverse beer selection, including many imports. They occasionally negotiate exclusive deals, so you can find beer here that isn't available anywhere else in Toronto.

The server this evening recommended the Douglas Scotch Ale. If you like Scotch Ale, this is a beer worth tracking down. It is a very rich ale with a fairly sweet finish.

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