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Avli Restaurant

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Location: 401 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON
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(416) 461-9577
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Cuisine: European  Greek  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Fga,   visited on 2006-12-07 ,  overall
Their appetizers and dips are great, and you can create your own hot or cold combos (the only thing I find objectionable is that they charge for pita).

They also specialize in main dish "pies," which are actually small crocks containing "stews" of either rosemary chicken, seafood, lamb, or rabbit, topped with a crust of olive oil-based dough. Very enjoyable - my favourites are the chicken and the seafood.

reviewed by kyle,   visited on 2006-11-13 ,  overall
Very nice food, a little less industrial than some on that stretch. Smaller restaurant too, with an interesting selection of Greek wines.

reviewed by wd,   visited on 2006-08-04 ,  overall
It's friendly, family owned, very tasty authentic food, with a great wine list with wines from all over greece; the last time we were there, there were some greek tourists at the next table who claimed the grilled octopus was better than they got at home.

reviewed by sunnyside,   visited on 2006-04-23 ,  overall
Avli is probably the most upscale Greek restaurant on the Danforth. The chef offers regional specialties, like rabbit pie, that most other restaurants do not offer. I think the chef there is probably the best you'll find on the Danforth.

reviewed by steve maclean,   visited on 2006-02-11 ,  overall
Avli has become our favourite restaurant. Excellent food, friendly service, and a relaxed atmosphere. A great place to visit with friends or for an intimate evening for two.

reviewed by bluedog,   visited on 2005-12-07 ,  overall
Avli is more traditional, but with many great choices ( and with a great Greek Wine list. No standard souvlaki and fries cooked in the same oil as the calamari here, with rabbit pie, stuffed chicken, a GOOD greek salad and probably the best dips on the Danforth.

reviewed by cheryl m,   visited on 2005-03-09 ,  overall
Excellent meal, dips are fabulous!!

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