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Me Va Me

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Location: 7000 Bathurst, Thornhill, ON
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(905) 771-7377
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Cuisine: Middle Eastern  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by svetlana,   visited on 2009-01-23 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $20  
I got the mixed jerusalem there was a cockoroch in my food it was discusting and they didn't even care the server just offered to make me a new plate, i just left and still paid!

reviewed by david,   visited on 2008-09-23 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $25  
really good restaurant i will go there again for sure the food is excellent the protion are big it's really worthy ... the service was verry good i really had a good time
it's hard to find restaurant like that today

reviewed by jameslee,   visited on 2007-08-30 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $25  
3 of us ordered lamb shish kabob, rib steak, chicken shish kabob. each table gets a basket of pita and pickel. each dish comes with a sasald. my russian friend praised the pickel and said it is like back home.
surprisingly, the salad is really really good. and so are the shish kabob. the rib steak is good but i don't think it worth $19 considering the other two dishes cost $12 each.
overall, this is a good place that serves tasty food with reasonable price. i will be back for sure!

reviewed by Nyleve,   visited on 2006-08-21 ,  overall
Havevery much enjoyed dips from Me Va Me. Their hummus is great, as is their babaghannouj (which has a real roasted flavour).

reviewed by Chester,   visited on 2006-08-21 ,  overall
Me Va Me's salads are delicious - hummous w/olives, babaghanoush, various eggplant salads, beets, artichokes. I don't care much for their falafel sandwich though... try the chicken breast/heart/liver mix, lamb kebob, or shawarma.

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