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Anatolia Restaurant

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Location: 5112 Dundas St. W., Etobicoke, ON
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(416) 207-0596
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Cuisine: European  Mediterranean  Turkish  

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reviewed by Middle_easter_kid,   visited on 2008-10-18 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $45  
I have been to Turkey twice, and they have some of the best dishes of the world. This place is cheap on everything. I asked the waiter to recommend the best with no regards to cost - it was me and my wife. Meat must be frozen with low quality, like really low quality and they tried to compensate by the extra spice. Bread it is good until they gave us a basket with a stale patch of bread. I have to admit that I have a harsh taste as am a good cook but still. Stuff on the table (shakers, candle saucer,etc..) from the dollar store (am not joking). Desert, i order Kunafeh and after 15 minutes I got the top - I think they forgot that it should contain cheese. This place has no relation to Turkey!!

reviewed by squeaks,   visited on 2006-09-19 ,  overall
went last night for the first time.

for appetizers: Meze Tabagi (a sampler of dips), Lahmacun (pita topped with beef and spices), and Pacanga (cigar-shaped pastry stuffed with mozzarella and beef). the Lahmacun and Pacanga were delicious, and every morsel was gone by the time our mains arrived.

For entree: Gozleme. These are Turkish "crepes" stuffed with fresh spinach and cheese. More like a quesadilla than a crepe,

a "meat sampler" that was on special, which came with a lamb kebab, Turkish meatballs, and a pocket of dough stuffed with ground beef and spices. loved it.

Manti -- meat dumplings served in a garlic yogurt sauce. enjoyed the dumplings, although they could have used a little less yogurt on top.

very reasonable price and although service is spotty, the food more than makes up for it. I highly recommend this spot for a unique and delicious meal.

reviewed by cookbook,   visited on 2006-08-01 ,  overall
it's one of my faves and I've never been disappointed- thank goodness! Everyone I've ever taken there is smitten with the sigara boregi, the patlichan, the imam bayildi- a great vegetarian dish, and the kunefe dessert. Happy eating.

reviewed by Juniper,   visited on 2006-05-30
there's not a large turkish community, so there aren't lots and lots of restaurants. Of the Turkish restaurants that do exist, none are very good. this place is expensive given the mediocrity of the food. They do decent manti, gozleme, and kadayif, but everything else on the menu is either really greasy and/or poorly executed.

reviewed by ruhafsa,   visited on 2006-03-17 ,  overall
The food here is excellent and it manages to be both warm and casual enough to take family yet "romantic" enough to go to with your spouse for a special dinner. I am a newbie to Turkish food outside of the kebab style restaurant, so I really enjoyed being able to sample so many tasty "new and exotic to me" dishes at Anatolia. I think that as a hijabi I was a bit of an oddity to the Turkish staff but they were pleasant and pretty attentive nonetheless. It is pricey and there is a bar, that you can see when you enter. Also, you need to make a reservation as it gets packed very quickly especially on a weekend. But overall a nice dining experience.

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