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Bagel World Coffee Shop

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Location: 336 Wilson Av, North York, ON
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(416) 635-5931
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Cuisine: Cafe  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by a j,   visited on 2006-04-07 ,  overall
Bagel World is the place for me. In Toronto, especially with the Jewish population (me included), there are basically two 'real' places to go: Bagel World and Gryfe's. Its definitely a matter of preference as to which one you like; there have been many a heated argument made over which one is superior to the other. If you want a smaller, softer bagel, go to gryfes. If you're looking for a bigger, chewier, denser bagel, head to bagel world. Just be warned, go early or you might miss out; if you get there early enough (before 9 at least) they'll still be warm out of the oven!

Sunday mornings just wouldnt be the same without Bagel World poppy-seed bagels with cream-cheese and lox.

reviewed by Yongeman,   visited on 2006-04-02 ,  overall
Tags: Toronto-style bagels
I completely agree with Fai Jay. The twisters at Bagel World or Kivas are the best Toronto bagels. Their regular ones are also excellent.

reviewed by fai jay,   visited on 2006-03-30 ,  overall
I love the bagels at The Bagel World on Wilson, At Bagel World I order Twisters (they are made by hand) well baked, with lots of poppy seeds. However, the regular bagels are also delicious.

You can eat at Bagel World and I would recommend it as a very Toronto experience.

visited on 2004-02-27
Today my husband and I had the misfortune of purchasing 6 of your $2.00 each, sprinkle topped cupcakes and a dozen bagels. We attended your establishment at approximately 3:30 p.m. I say misfortune, because our purchases from your store in the past, have been beyond reproach. But today was not the day to buy bagels and treats. We were assured by your staff more than once, that the cupcakes in particular, were fresh. We were a little stunned to hear they were $2.00 each but due to the fact that we had a dinner party tonight, we thought that at that price they would be a magnificent dish to present after the meal. After expounding to our guests that we had purchased the cakes at your establishment and have had only the highest regards for your products, you can only imagine our horror at discovering that the cupcakes in question were far from adequate. We were shocked! Then to discover that your bagels were also past their prime, was insult to injury! I didn't know what to suggest, other than the fact that there must be some way that customers like myself can be assured that when we purchase items from your store, there must be some type of assurance. We don't make it into Toronto that often, but when we do we were sure to stop and pick up some Bagels! A disillusioned customer.

visited on 2003-08-04
For anyone looking for the best bagels in town, and to tell you the truth some of the best I've ever tasted. They have great pastries and sweets, not to mention other breads and loafs and many varieties of cream cheese that is freshly prepared by the lady's who work there. The atmosphere is really great. If you just come in to get bagels or if you stay for lunch, it really can't be beat. I once tried all of the other bagel shops in one day, in search of Toronto's best bagel and Bagel World is by far the best.

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