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Location: 1214 Queen St. E., Toronto, ON
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(416) 463-6677
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Cuisine: International  

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reviewed by TwinklyTerrapin,   visited on 2006-11-07 ,  overall
Tags: lobster maki balls, margarita shaken
I've been a few times, and it is excellent! It's all small plates, and everything I've tried has been lovely, but the lobster maki balls are the loveliest--creamy, crispy, warm and good. They also make a very good margarita--shaken, not blended, with fresh lime juice, not bar mix.

It was crazy busy the Friday night we went, and the food wasn't quite as excellent, so we've gone on weeknights since then and haven't been disappointed.

reviewed by todc1996,   visited on 2006-10-13 ,  overall
i've been there a few times (not for several months) and i've always enjoyed the food and service.....i agree that it's not cheap but i do think it's well priced for what you get.

reviewed by hotsauce28,   visited on 2006-08-31 ,  overall
Tomi Kro (meaning a little place in Greek, written to seem Japanese) is a tiny little restaurant with BIG art. As you're dining, you'll be staring at a bigger than life picture of a Sumo wrestler (rear view) on one side and a HUGE Nike picture on the other. Good dinner conversation starter!

It's an a la carte restaurant and what I really like (besides the food) are the servers that "recommend". And by that I mean, if you order your main and your side and they think the two shouldn't go together, they'll say "no, no.. you don't want that. here's what you should have."

Sound obnoxious?? I thought so at first but when you taste what they bring you, I guarantee you'll be glad you took their advice!

Medeterranian cuisine with an Asian flair, it's a MUST when you're visiting Toronto!

Note: closed on Sundays and Mondays - open at 6pm Tues-Sat

reviewed by superizzy,   visited on 2006-07-16 ,  overall
I was there a few months ago and was very impressed.

Good food good atmosphere, well priced but not cheap.

My friends and i ordered a bunch of appies and small plates and shared.

Standouts were the duck, and the short ribs.

reviewed by Johnny,   visited on 2006-06-03 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $22  
Friends took me to this non-touristy area for dinner. The exterior didn’t look like much, but once inside I felt like I was in an upscale New York City eatery. The place was hopping, the vibe was good. We tried an array of tapas and mains (entrees) that were either Mediterranean-style or Japanese fusion. I even tried braised bison which tasted just like beef. The average entree was $22. Tomi-Kro is worth the drive. Note it Closed Sunday.

reviewed by johnny egaer,   visited on 2006-03-05 ,  overall
this place is a hidden gem.....am i in n.y.c....? amazing food, design of room.....great tunes....highly recm....torontos eastside heaven....

visited on 2005-08-19
I live in the hood, and Tomi-Kro makes me glad that I moved here. Great food, concise wine list and superb service. What more could a boy want?

visited on 2005-02-15
One of my favourite resto in T.O. This intimate restaurant offers upscale food in a casual and hip environment.

visited on 2005-01-19
Great food (an amazing value for the price), cool and laid back. The duck in a mango sauce and the venison with a port and chocolate reduction are out of this world. On one night, the music was a bit loud (which explains my 3 for ambience), but one of the serving staff quickly lowered the volume when we pointed it out. I'm looking forward to our next dinner there!

visited on 2004-11-25
what a fun night. i have never been to a place that was so busy for a Tuesday night. great way to celebrate a birthday. the desserts were awesome. can not wait to go back...

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