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Location: 111 Queen St. E., Toronto, ON
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(416) 863-6006
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Cuisine: French  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by vox,   visited on 2006-09-15 ,  overall
I definitely DO NOT recommend george. the food is ho hum, and distracted, if that gets my point across. i found the chef was lacking focus and direction and it showed in his dishes. nothing i ate there really coalesced into something that elevated the disparates parts of the dish into a cohesive whole, which is one of the things i look for in a dining experience.

reviewed by banditsf,   visited on 2006-08-24 ,  overall
We just went for dessert and I haven't had great desserts like that in a really long time, the Flourless chocolate cake with cherry beignets were fantastic, although not very beignet-ish and the cherry was dumb (flavor didn't add anything and beignet would have been fine without it, or put the cherry on top of the cake, just not in the beignet) but the chocolate was outstanding. I had the lemon tasting- all three were literally perfect. A lemon custard tart with lemon ganache, lemon cheesecake and lemon souffle. If you're into desserts, I highly recommend this place- we're always trying to think of places in SF for really great desserts- if only we had a private plane :)

reviewed by Jacquilynne,   visited on 2006-07-13 ,  overall
I found George disappointing. The same things kept appearing over and over again in our meals. They weren't so much 5 different dishes as 5 different proteins with the same garnishes / sides.

reviewed by Googs,   visited on 2006-07-12 ,  overall
They have a lovely back patio in addition to the beautiful dining room. I agree the food is spectacular. Please don't forget to take advantage of the wine pairings. Kym Cyr, the sommelier is fantastic. This is the most superlatives I've used in any posting!

reviewed by erly,   visited on 2006-05-31 ,  overall
I really like George, because you never feel rushed, everyone is very pleasant, the service is good, and it is a lovely evening.
Also, I have never had a bad meal there.

reviewed by Jo,   visited on 2006-05-16 ,  overall
George is a lovely space, both indoors and out (if it's warm, you might want to consider sitting outside). The food is quite good, but I prefer both Splendido and Perigee over it. The sommelier there is top notch.

Oh, and George does have a tasting menu, but they have a full a la carte menu as well

reviewed by mis chef,   visited on 2006-03-01 ,  overall
I had a great dinner at George about 2 weeks ago - had the tasting menu, which was really a lot of fun, as well as delicious (I liked not knowing what was coming next and sharing dishes with others at the table..)The food was really amazing and the service was excellent. I also loved the decor and the overall romantic feel of the space. I'd go back in a heartbeat (byw..tasting menu is 95.00 per person...likely the same you would spend ordering a la carte..)

reviewed by Kyle,   visited on 2006-02-28 ,  overall
I had a lovely dinner at George about a month ago. My boyfriend and I both ordered the chef's 'surprise' tasting menu. We were each served different things for each course so we were able to taste each others. Everything was delicious and the service was friendly and attentive. I would definatley return!

visited on 2005-04-10
The atmosphere and decor definitely outweighed the service and the food. My wife and I left with a very poor taste in our mouths and would not recommend George to any of our "friends". We actually left this gastronomical experience midway through the second act. Two thumbs down.

visited on 2005-03-20
I'm a very selective diner and I do my reviews prior to casting my line out to the restaurant in hopes to devour the real taste of the commentary. In my recent visit to George,there were 2 things which captivated my sight,senses and taste foremost: first was the grande size and decor of the kitchen, which is a replica depiction of culinary school; instantaneously you percieve the person behind this is not to be taken lightly. This is a kitchen of Buckingham Palace. Truly this has to be very sophisticated dining, which brings to my second emphasis. The Food. It has drawn to my attention the recent negative review of the food being nothing too special and even eluding to bad taste. Perhaps these people are suitable for the purpose of meat, veg, and starch entree with a dash of jus. This is not the place for junior or mediocre connoisseur. The food is impeccable and immaculately profound as vivid flavours explodes to your palate. This is by far to be defeated by anyone in T.O. Although I didn't had the opportunity to meet Lorenzo as his kitchen was taking his course; at a glimpse from the dinner table, I could catch the fling and flare of his food orchestration. And as Don Douloff quoted, "George is not available at Walmart."

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