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Nirvana The Flavours of India

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Location: 35 Brunel Rd, Mississauga, ON
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(905) 501-5500
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Cuisine: Indian  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Parminder,   visited on 2009-07-25 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $20  
Very poor service ......staff is arrogant... awful record in hosting parties...a big no no for this place..

reviewed by Kristina,   visited on 2009-05-10 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $18  
I love this place! The service is so great. I love the new martini menu. This is my favorite indian restaurant!

reviewed by allison,   visited on 2008-12-13 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $17  
Delicious food. This has got to be the friendliest indian restaurant in Toronto. I loved every bit of my tandoori chicken and fish. Absolutely mouth watering. A great place for a holiday party.

reviewed by Vishal,   visited on 2008-12-06 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $16   Tags: Arrogant service
The food not so great and along with it service was pathetic the guy serving the water spilled the water on the table and few drops in the food
On top of that when I decided not to give any tip for the service he arrogantly asked for the tip " sarcatically saying , did you forgot to add the tip amount " I vow to never go there again.

reviewed by jason,   visited on 2008-06-05 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $35  
An incredible dining experience. The freshest ingredients and prompt service. No wonder everyone raves about Nirvana!

reviewed by Muhammad,   visited on 2007-08-23 ,  overall
Tags: dnr3
- The food was good, just falling short of being excellent. The overall feel was good. It was more West-meet-east setting.

reviewed by Chris Stevens,   visited on 2007-08-03 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $35   Tags: Nirvana serves dishes from heaven
An amazing dining experience. Fantastic service and delicious food. Nirvana is the most authentic Indian restaurant in the greater toronto area. Highly recommended!!

reviewed by Jill Lawrence,   visited on 2006-11-12 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $45  
A wonderful restaurant with a very warm atmosphere. They truly know how to pamper their patrons. Highly recommend this restaurant!

reviewed by John Stevens,   visited on 2006-11-06 ,  overall
A marvelous dining experience. The most authentic Indian cuisine I have ever tasted. The ambience of the restaurant was wonderful and we were pampered by the service. Highly recommend visiting this divine restaurant.

visited on 2005-10-07
A fantastic restaurant with fabulous service. No wonder they are ranked #1 in Toronto. Two thumbs up.

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