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Location: 461 King St. W., Toronto, ON
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(416) 598-4730
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Website: http://www.brassaii.com
Cuisine: Breakfast  Fusion  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Caitlin,   visited on 2010-06-17 ,  overall
Tags: corporate events, meeting space, renovations
I went to Brassaii recently for a corporate event and I'm really impressed with what they've done with the space since the renovation. The front lounge booths are big and spacious with large tables - good for smaller meetings. I also like the idea of their smaller dining room, it allows for privacy for the more important meetings with clients.

reviewed by Tracey,   visited on 2009-10-02 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $9  
A colleague and I walked in for lunch and ordered the Triple S which we both thought was fantastic. The Triple S is a $9 food combination of soup, salad and a sandwich. The service was friendly, fast and the venue was filled with charm and good taste. I will be sure to keep this gemstone in mind the next time I have a business lunch or dinner to reserve.

reviewed by Sam,   visited on 2009-09-12 ,  overall
Tags: TIFF - George Clooney Party
Brassaii Bistro Lounge hosted a celebratory dinner for the cast and filmmakers from the movie “Up in the Air” at the Toronto International Film Festival. Including actors George Clooney, Jason Bateman, Vera Farmiga, Melanie Lynskey, Anna Kendrick and director Jason Reitman. Others that came for the after party were actors Bill Murray, Amanda Seyfried and Rachelle Lefevre. It was a very cool party and the food yummy..

reviewed by Adele,   visited on 2009-03-31 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $12  
Brassai had a March special that included superbly created and cooked homemade burgers for $6.00, the best fries in the city and unbelievable value in the 20 Bees wine for $6.00 a bottle! I am a regular luncher at this place and am always impressed with the stellar service, the food (especially the Nicoise salad, fries, daily lunch specials). This is an ideal place to lunch with clients or friends.

reviewed by Jefferson,   visited on 2006-08-11 ,  overall
We took some clients out to breakfast at Brassaii, a bistro in a neighborhood of restaurants known as much for their hip clientele and décor as for their food. The space was bright and peaceful at this hour, and was a welcome escape from the crowded hotel restaurants jammed with morning meetings. Web searches revealed mixed reviews for the servers at Brassaii, but our waiter was friendly and maintained a cheerful attitude even while adjusting the length of the table legs to the strangely uneven floor.

As if I had not already abused my arteries enough the day before, I just could not resist the Eggs Norwegian, a variation on Eggs Benedict where smoked salmon replaced the Canadian bacon. The poached eggs were done just right, but I was surprised that they did not seem to have been salted. When I took a "vertical" bite including the smoked salmon and English muffin, however, I found that the balance was just right. My colleague's egg white omelet was a success (if you are in a low fat mood), and the blueberry pancakes were a hit as well. What a great start to the day.

reviewed by bruce,   visited on 2006-07-29 ,  overall
I've usually been disappointed with trendy bistro style eateries in Toronto so I tend to avoid them. This time I had no choice. I was surprised to see that David Adjey is now the Exec Chef, so this bumped my expectations up a bit.

The service - prompt but still a tad rookiesh.
Atmosphere - trendy king west, as the decor.
Food - Cooked to perfection, but a few more ounces to my piece of fish would have been nice.

I see what there trying to do, where less is more and I like it, but perhaps they went a little too far. I felt this time that less was a little too less.

reviewed by theresa,   visited on 2006-06-05
This is not necessarily a place that I would dine at again, but the scene is fantastic. I attended an event at Brassai last Thursday evening and wow, they really put on a decent party. I would recommend this place for parties only. Eat somewhere else before you go and you will be guaranteed to have a wonderful evening.

reviewed by simple,   visited on 2006-01-16 ,  overall
Best restaurant in Toronto...
Best brunch! Yom - eggs en cocotte...amazing!
Best dinner - steak and frites - yummy!
Desserts are always amazing!
This is a place that is consistent - great food, great service, great prices. A treat for all senses, but most importantly - the mouth.
Definitely check it out...

visited on 2005-06-16
What a nice patio to relax on at Brassaii,best mojitos in the city!This should be the busiest patio this summer.

visited on 2005-06-10
Quite the incredible place! A group of us from the office were on the patio last night. Which in my opinion is the nicest patio in the city. The food from the patio grill, the service, the crowd,the atmosphere all were amazing. Thank you for a fantastic experience.

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