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Li'ly Resto Lounge

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Location: 656 College St., Toronto, ON
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(416) 532-0419
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Website: http://www.lilylounge.com
Cuisine: Italian  Mediterranean  Tapas  Lounge  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Giovanni,   visited on 2009-02-10 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $25   Tags: martinis
Last night was a blast at Lily! First time in Toronto and heard about this place. When we got there we were treated like royalty! Stylish crowd, and service is very professional. Made for a nice birthday with good friends!

reviewed by Tomi,   visited on 2008-12-29 ,  overall
We went to Lily for a friend's bon voyage party and the service and food were awful. For an appetizer I got a grape tomato and blue cheese salad. The dish first came out without the blue cheese and I gave it back to the waitress. She responded by, "It comes with blue cheese?". She didn't know any of the dishes and the menu is only ONE PAGE. Moreover, I ordered the dish thinking that I was going to get grape tomatoes and blue cheese but I actually got grapes, tomatoes and blue cheese. A weird combination...something that you would see on kitchen nightmares.
Next, I got the mushroom gnocchi for my main. The gnocchi was very starchy and overcooked. Several people in our party ordered the same dish and agreed that the gnocchi was no good. Several of them complained to the waitress and manager both which responded by defending the integrity of their dishes. No apologies or sincerity.

reviewed by Vicki,   visited on 2007-07-13 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $40  
I had an amazing time! It was a friends birthday. We went there for dinner and drinks. The people were amazing and fun. We had a really good time. My friends and I are definitely going back next weekend. The Mother Pucker drink was so delicious and so were the Apple Pie shots. The food was excellent. I was really impressed. It's a great place on College Street.

reviewed by Jennifer,   visited on 2007-07-07 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $19   Tags: Lily Resto Lounge
The new menu is AMAZING! I can't wait to go back....We wanted to
thank Oscar and the staff for such an awesome night!

reviewed by Peter,   visited on 2007-03-24 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $45  
Great people, great fun!!! I would deffinately go back...so many
good looking peole, it felt like a fashion shoot!

visited on 2005-09-06
My Husband and I had nothing to do on a saturday night, we decided to hit college st. we stopped at li'lys for dinner (our first time) we heard good things about it. Have to say everything we heard was true. The food was amazing, the service even better. They cared about what we thought of the food and were very attentive with any questions we had. My husband rates there steak as number one in Toronto (he's eaten steak in very well known restaurants that specialize in steaks)and couldn't believe how good it was for the price. everyone was friendly. A special thanks to Charlie (owner/manager)who took time to ask us how our dinner was. My first time there and not my last.

visited on 2005-02-14
A friend and I went to have martinis in a more lounge type environment. We ended up sitting at the bar for the night and sipping on the delicious drinks. We enjoyed ourselves so much at the bar, that we didn't even consider going downstairs. The drinks were all very tasty. The bartender was super cute and very attentive. I definitely recommend this place, the crowd was laid back and the ambience was just what we were looking for.

visited on 2004-07-19
I have been to Li'ly on many occasions, but I have never had a chance to dine there. The waiter(Angelo) told us about the menu, and informed us that the menu had recently been revised. The waiter went beyond the call of duty explaining the various tapas stlye dishes as well as specials and mains. There are two ways to dine, one is the traditional style-appetizer, main, dessert-,the other is tapas style. We opted for a more traditional, sharing four tapas dishes as appetizers,(scallops,tuna,fried chicken, quail), and each of had mains(oestrich burger,filet mignon,pasta, lamb). I would recomend Li'ly to anybody, good food, excellent service, and later a bumping bar crowd. Chef John Pritchard also has a cooking show on Prime networks called Red Hot and Ready. The wine list is the weakest aspect, but there some decent labels for decent value. The martini list makes up for it, with a fantastic selection of candies and fresh fruits as garnish.

visited on 2004-05-30
Forget By-Mark (over-rated) and all the other fine dining, gourmet burger (yawn) hot spots.... Li'ly is doing something fresh, it's it's bucking all the stereotypical college St. trends...we had dinner there on Saturday. At first it seemed like so many of the other College St. hip spots...way to expensive for average food...what do you do....well in this case, you re-evaluate....who is this guy(chef)...I hear the he's some TV grilling guy)...who cares, this dinner rivaled anything I have eaten on college St. in recent years. Lily is offering for a modest price, some of the best food this city has to offer(and I entertain a lot). Keep this guy, and keep those truffle shortribs coming!!!

visited on 2004-05-30
I was in toronto last year over the thanksgiving weekend , and had the great fortune of giving Li'ly a second chance ( after an amazingly bad meal in July 2003. I guess, I returned because of the vibe...very hip(read beautifull ladies)... I ordered my food from what seemed to be a totally new menu( and cuisine for that matter)....I have to say....with acception to the bartenders beauty, there isn't anything on college st. that compares to the food at Li'ly....what happened? I'll be back for sure.

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