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Le Paradis Brasserie Bistro

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Location: 166 Bedford Rd, Toronto, ON
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(416) 921-0995
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Website: http://www.leparadis.com/
Cuisine: Bistro  French  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by monsiour,   visited on 2008-06-23 ,  overall
So fabulous. I plan on going back. The service was excellent, the food great, the prices terrific. I can understand why it was so packed on a Monday night!

reviewed by magic,   visited on 2006-09-05 ,  overall
It's an AMAZING bistro about a 10 minute walk from the Four Seasons. It's located on Bedford. Specifically Davenport+Bedford (1 block west of Avenue Rd., just north of Davenport). Stupidly reasonable prices, wonderful food, great atmosphere. If you are disappointed you'd be one of very few. SOOOOOO GOOD.

reviewed by bogie,   visited on 2006-07-06 ,  overall
They have two versions of Steak Frites, one with marinated flank and the other with flat iron for $14 and $15 respectively! Also, their wine mark-up is very low with many decent bottles available for under $35.

IMHO this is more of a true bistro than Le Select, where you are paying a lot of money for their new location, decor and wine cellar.

visited on 2005-08-13
Can't speak too highly of this neighbourhood bistro that attracts clientelle from across the whole city.

visited on 2005-06-27
My wife and I were almost giddy with delight after discovering Le Paradis. For the price, you simply can't beat the quality of the food. Appetizers, entrees and dessert were exceptional. My only complaint was with our server, who constantly had to be flagged down for service. Charming and warm she was not. But we didn't let that dampen our spirits in the least. In fact, we plan on making many return visits to Le Paradis in the future.

visited on 2004-07-03
One of my absolute favourite Bistros in the City and has been for years!!! To stand the testament of time with great food, great service, congenial staff with everything well priced...How can that be beat!!

visited on 2004-06-03
Great place and very reasonably priced. I would suggest making reservations in advance as it always seems busy. I was most impressed by one one staff member named Alex who was most professional, gracious and knowledgeable with the wine selections.

visited on 2003-06-11
I just absolutely love this place. I always get what I paid for and I love the ambience there - quaint. Service I have found always to be excellent and for French Cuisine, I am hard pressed to think of anything close in Toronto.

visited on 2003-05-25
The wine list is short but excellent and all french. THe dish selection is quintessentially bistro, varied and at unbeatable prices. A good place for family dinners in style as well as a date with a lady who appreciates great food.

visited on 2002-12-23
La Paradis is a true hidden gem in TO. The food is very good, given modest prices, although it is somewhat inconsistent. The service is very friendly but may be a little slow on busy nights. Wine selection is not pretentious and is very good value. Overall, La Paradis is a place I keep going back. It is a great value and a wonderful romantic French bistro.

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