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7 Numbers

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Location: 343 Eglinton Ave. W., Toronto, ON
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(416) 322-5183
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Website: http://www.sevennumbers.com/
Cuisine: Italian  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Valdemar,   visited on 2008-06-01 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $30  
Went to the Danforth location to enjoy the great weather on the patio, however it turned out to be a terrible meal. This was our second trip to 7 numbers, the first time i was also disappointed but i thought i would give it another try.

Everything they served seemed like it was leftovers....last week's leftovers. My fish was, how do i put this....the most disgusting thing I've ever eaten. For $14 entre, i would expect a decent sized portion but what you get here is a tiny (No Frills fish selection perhaps?) little piece soaked in a slimy, gelatinous lemon sludge. Brought to the table with nothing else, just the fish. Sides are extra.

Service is great, chairs on the patio are borrowed from a fast food joint, the food...i really don't know what they are thinking here, just not edible.

Our bill came to $65, i could have spent half that and had a decent meal just about anywhere else on the danforth.

reviewed by julesrules,   visited on 2006-11-23 ,  overall
We went to the Danforth location Friday night.

Verdict: I do think they've gone downhill, while at the same time my food sophistication & cooking skills have gone up.

Appetizers: the arugula/goat cheese and the prosciutto/fig salads. I remember really like the arugula/goat cheese mixture, stuffed into roasted red peppers. Well it's not stuffed anymore, and both the cheese and red pepper were present in small amounts that I had to hunt for in the arugula. A whole or half red pepper, at this time of year when they are cheap, would have been nice. The flavours are the same but without the presentation, it became something I could easily do at home. Hubby enjoyed his, the prosciutto did seem to be good quality.

Pasta: The menu promised fusilli with "strong aged ricotta". Huh? I was intrigued enough to order. Too bad we got fusilli in an umimpressive tomato sauce with a few mushroom chunks. But I never order tomato-sauced pasta out so I have no basis for comparison.

Sides: Grilled Rapini and Oyster mushrooms with parmesan. Again, years ago I was impressed by the grilled asparagus at five Doors North. But this rapini was not grilled; it was simply blanched, and rendered devoid of the lovely bitterness. The mushrooms were tasty enough.

Mains: osso bucco and rabbit. I've never had osso bucco before so again I have no basis for comparison. I expected the meat to be super tender and it fell just short of that. The marrow was fabulous. The sauce was an oily, chunky, tomato-carrot- celery thing. I know they are going for rustic but again I had the feeling I could have made it myself. Hubby's rabbit was quite tasty with good rabbity flavour.

Dessert: I was somewhat surprised at the $5.95 pricetag especially given the small servings - compared to their other prices it seemed expensive, although I realize the things we ordered were most likely brought in. I had the dark and white chocolate mousse - the dark was too sweet for me, but probably I should have ordered the flourless chocolate cake to truly judge. I had one bite of hubby's key lime pie, which was really a tart. Now the first bite of dessert is always the best, but I was impressed: lots of the slightly bitter lime rind flavour, nice graham crust.

Atmosphere: we don't get out much so we enjoyed the bustling atmosphere - they were quite busy and it felt much later than 7pm. At our table we could hear each other just fine. It reminded me of Montreal for some reason. Not at all romantic but good for a first date, or married couple out on a date - but not a special occasion.

Verdict: Overall, it was enjoyable. I liked being able to sample many dishes because of the low price point. But for my money ($115 before tip including $40 bottle of an Italian cab), I would rather go to Batifole, for example, and eat fewer dishes of a higher quality, ones that I can't cook myself.

reviewed by mister1970,   visited on 2006-11-17 ,  overall
I recommend going for dinner early (6-ish), before they crank the music and it becomes a "scene". I love 7 numbers - the food is always good, the service always friendly in my experience, and they are great with my kids (who love their lasagna, though, frankly, I find it a little on the salty side). The glasses are declasse, to be sure, but it doesn't bother me in the least. The wine list is well-chosen (interesting Italians, Australians and some great smaller-production wines from Niagara) and reasonably priced. The apps are almost all great, as are the salads, fish and braised meat dishes.

reviewed by gigi,   visited on 2006-10-17 ,  overall
My favs are the calamari, figs with blue cheese, the mixed greens (I LOVE their dressing!), grilled red pepper with arugula and goat cheese, and the shrimp - although the "spicy" tomato sauce could use a bit of heat. That's why I ADORE their housemade hot oil!! Ask for it...it's amazing.

I'm not a big fan of pasta - oh, the carbs! - but at 7 Numbers I'll usually have a bite of something. I can't resist. For the mains, we usually have one of their fish options: the tilapia is great, in a lemon/caper sauce & who can resisit Tony's long, thick Italian sausage? For sides: rapini (it's bitter, as rapini is supposed to be, but good for you!), spice olives, oyster mushrooms, grilled asparagus...need I go on?

For dessert: the flourless chocolate cake is a must! To be honest, I haven't tasted any of their other desserts, as I am a bit of a chocoholic. If you haven't yet been...you should go!

reviewed by traceym,   visited on 2006-09-03 ,  overall
went to Seven Numbers (also family ital place) on Danforth tonight. The food was just pretty good (proscuitto and fig salad - one peanut-sized fig? WTF?). But the service was amazing even though it was packed (also - handsome toronto waiters who were all friendly & fast - perhaps an alternate universe). It was incredibly loud which I usually find annoying but everyone seemed to be having such a happy time that it was ok. Pasta was cooked perfectly which can not be said for most italian places in TO. But only 2 pasta choices. Had a couple tumbler glasses of Bianco Puglia - cheap!! and considered primitive but delishly fresh and smooth finish.

reviewed by Webdude,   visited on 2006-08-02 ,  overall
It's Italian, owned by relatives of Gio Ranna (he of the "big nose on Yonge Street/Queen East" fame), and has a very earthy vibe. The food is delicious, served in small quantities for sharing, and the wine list is surprisingly affordable.

reviewed by anne,   visited on 2006-04-27 ,  overall
I second Seven Numbers - informal Italian (Puglia). I have never been disappointed there, the flavours just melt in your mouth. Try the sexy duck leg - wow. It can have a rather rambunctious atmosphere, though, so if you are looking for a quiet meal it may not be the best place.

reviewed by jill,   visited on 2006-04-19 ,  overall
7 Numbers Danforth, on the SE corner of Danforth and Bowden (btwn Chester and Broadview). Good Italian food, good for sharing, fun, somewhat loud atmosphere, side patio.

visited on 2005-06-24
It's the best Family style Italian restaurant in town. The staff are so nice, the environment is so warm and friendly. One suggestion is that go there in a group and ask for the group menu, for 8 ppl you can get 4-5 Appertizer to share, 3 big dish of pasta to share and each person can choose their own main dish. Definitely a good deal~

visited on 2005-05-31
The service and ambience are fine. The food however was a big waste of money, even though the prices are inexpensive. The portions are so small and you have to pay extra if you want a side with your main. The sexy duck that was raved about was so salty, the calamari was hardly cooked, the side roasted peppers weren't roasted but soaked in vinegar.... such a disapointment since most reviews were excellent. The only worthwhile food was dessert. Will not bother giving this place a second chance.

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