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La Palette

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Location: 256 Augusta Av, Toronto, ON
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(416) 929-4900
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Cuisine: French  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Redheaded Reviewer,   visited on 2009-03-29 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $18   Tags: It was like being back in Paris
I had the pleasure of dining today at La Palette restaurant in Kensington Market. My friends and I went for brunch at this quaint, well-decorated French cafe. The menu had quite a variety of choices for non-vegetarians and vegetarians. The food was delicious, the service was great, and upon losing my wallet, they contacted me at home to help me with my frantic situation.

reviewed by dombort,   visited on 2006-11-18 ,  overall
I highly recommend La Pallete.

Shamez (spelling?) is a wonderful host and is more than happy to bring you samples of wine before you buy.. engage him or your server and be treated like family. Great beers. These people love their food and drinks.

It's noisy, packed good fun. Great apps, beautifully grilled meats, superb cheese plate to finish off.. It's my 'go-to' place during the week or for a fun friday night out.

reviewed by pinstripeprincess,   visited on 2006-11-11 ,  overall
la palette also has an interesting beer menu with a few things you won't see at most restaurants. think belgians..

reviewed by TwinklyTerrapin,   visited on 2006-10-18 ,  overall
La Pallete, is a lot more laid back and funky, with fun, sassy servers who seem to like the buzz of a busy night. The food is also excellent, and I thought it was very cool that, when my honey was dithering about which glass of wine to have with a course, the server gave him a little of each of the choices, so he could choose the one he liked best -- I've never had that happen before.

reviewed by Bigtigger,   visited on 2006-10-08 ,  overall
La P, one has the impression, has become a victim of its own success. The prices have skyrocketed while the portions (notably, one tiny slice of foie gras for a king's ransom) are small to average. The tiny dining room is full of rickety tables and chairs, and one is placed jeek to jowl to the next table. Service can be indifferent or slow - seems disorganized at times. La P still offers good to very good food.

visited on 2005-09-30
The food was not bad, but not worth the high price, especially since the restaurant is in the middle of Kensington Market. Tables are to close. Not the 'best' in Toronto for french food.

visited on 2005-09-30
We found this restaurant to be a bit overpriced for what it offers.The tables were crammed in a small space. The food was nothing exceptional. The service was slow and we waited a long time just to receive our meal. We noticed other people that arrived after us were served much faster!? (Maybe they knew the owner)We did not have a good experience and would not go back.

visited on 2005-08-03
My good friend recently introduced me to La Palette and I must say, I havent stopped raving about to other friends since! The atmosphere and staff are amazing and the food is absolutely delicious! We spent over 4 hours on the patio as we made our way through an unforgettable 3 course meal. If you get a chance, definately treat yourself with a visit to La Palette!

visited on 2005-01-19
The food here is absolutely delicious! It's so small, that you manage to feel like you are the only one in the city who knows about it, despite the lines at the door. I would highly recommend for a date, double or girls' night out.

visited on 2004-12-31
We enjoyed this restaurant. The food is excellent in terms of cooking freshness and presentation. The restaurant is cozy but maybe a little too casual for me. I would have liked cloth napkins and almost everyone there wore jeans. The servers were professional, knowledgeable, friendly and well intentioned but too busy to provide excellent service. No one came back to check how our meals were or checked to see if we wanted more drinks. I have certainly paid a lot more in other restauraunts for for food of this caliber.

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