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Chartreuse of Kleinburg

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Location: 10512 Islington Ave., Kleinburg, ON
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(905) 893-0475
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Cuisine: Canadian  French  Seafood  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Angella,   visited on 2011-03-14 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $25  
Had a small Birthday party at this restaurant, great place, quiet
location, great people; our server Merlin was awesome, fast service,
pleasant personality. The food was good, wow!! we tried the
chicken and salmon good cooking. We will definitely go back. We
were a group of over 10 people and everyone was impressed and
excited to visit again soon.

reviewed by A Patron,   visited on 2007-09-16 ,  overall
Where do I start? The place settings had the wrong numbers of cutlery, napkins, and water. No wine list was offered. We waited 15 minutes before anyone took our order. It was difficult to get the waiters' attention. Two of our food orders were served incomplete. The pasta in one of our dish was overcooked. No parmesean was offered with the pasta dishes. We had to remind the waiter to bring a drink order. One of the waiters said a rather rude sounding "Hello!" to interrupt a conversation I was having with my daughter just to ask if I wanted pepper on my meal.

Needless to say, I'm not going back to Chartreuse.

visited on 2005-07-27
What a find! The food was delicious, the service was friendly, and the dining room was charming. And such a short trip from the city. We'll definitely be back.

visited on 2005-03-02
I have been a long-time patron of Chartreuse and have yet to be disappointed in any fashion. It's a lovely restaurant in every respect, so when a newly re-assigned "writer" like Judy Gerstel pretends to be "food critic" and publicly displays her ignorance with negative comments about this restaurant, you need to question what these so-called food critics really know. Let the real people who know good food and hospitality speak (Thank you Toronto.com for your consumer ratings section), and let pseudo-critics like Gerstel do what they do best - write fiction.

visited on 2005-02-13
Atmosphere is among the best. Perfect for a romantic dinner. Service is friendly and the food was great to boot!

visited on 2005-01-04
A fabulous place. Would highly recommend it for its charm, excellent food (Chateaubriand for two), and service. Well worth getting out of Toronto to experience (only a 20 minute drive)!

visited on 2003-10-14
Wonderful "date" restaurant in a quiet and elegant setting. I have only ever had one of the main course dishes (the chicken), but I have had it four times and it is never a disappointment. Chartreuse is well worth the scenic drive.

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