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Spadina Garden Restaurant

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Location: 114 Dundas W, Toronto, ON
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(416) 977-3413
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Cuisine: Chinese  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by hungry1,   visited on 2008-01-16 ,  overall
Ever wonder what part of the chicken, cow or other animal you get when you eat at certain Chinese restaurants? Not here. Spadina Garden is simply one of the best in town. Amazingly consistent (never had a bad experience) and always fresh. It can be too spicy for some but every dish here is solid and their signatures (Peanut chicken, ginger beef, mushu pork) are fantastic.

reviewed by Twinkly,   visited on 2006-06-24 ,  overall
Tags: spicy peanut chicken,spicy peanut beef,General Tsao chicken
Spadina garden is one of those love it or hate places. My honey doesn't like it at all; I think it's great. If you're into the groove they're laying down -- it's awesome. The spicy peanut chicken and spicy peanut beef are great, as is the General Tsao chicken -- I swear it's made with crack, 'cause it's that addictive. The crispy ginger beef is interesting too.

I used to work for a company where ordering from Spadina garden became a Friday obsession, and somehow I was the person who ended up organizing it every week. It was pretty much the only thing I got done on Fridays...strangely that company was an early dot.bomb victim...but we still get together and go to Spadina garden occasionally...

reviewed by pate,   visited on 2006-05-24 ,  overall
I LOVE Spadina Garden (and miss it since I don't work in the area anymore).

My favourite is their spicy chicken with peanuts. It's addictive!

Their hot and sour soup is also very good, but I don't have it often because, paired with the spicy chicken, it gets too hot for me. The wonton soup is also very good.

Go and try it. Their lunch menu is very affordable and gives you a lot of food.

reviewed by Harissa,   visited on 2006-05-13 ,  overall
If you go at lunch, you'll see that at least 75% of the people there (me included) have the spicy peanut chicken. It really is that good! And as Pate said, the hot and sour soup is quite nice(though not as good as the one at Shanghai, before they closed years ago...) I always have the two hot dishes together for lunch, and then leave the restaurant floating on a wave of chili-induced endorphins. :)

visited on 2005-10-04
mMMMmmmMMmmmm..... try the crispy ginger beef w/ chicken fried rice. and if your craving dessert, get their deep fried banana w/ ice cream!!

visited on 2005-08-08
All i have to say is great food, great service, and last but not least the people that work there are just great!

visited on 2005-04-28
I love this place. Must try are: Hunan Triple Delight, Crispy Ginger Beef (which has a cult following in my family) and the General Tso's chicken. Long lineups at lunchtime though.

visited on 2005-03-16
I've been a loyal customer for 20 years now. I don't know how many people I've introduced over the years - but they are addicted now too. Dry shredded beef, chilli shrimp, spicy peanut wontons and house fried rice are the answers to any craving!

visited on 2005-02-07
Try sechuan fish. Some of my friends looked me like I felt down from Mars when I ordered this dish, but after they try it become regular part of menu. Hot and sour is the best in GTA.

visited on 2005-01-24
Order their Ginger Beef and Singapore Noodles - You will not be disappointed. Their Chilli fish is also good if you like fish and if you are looking for vegan, order their Budha Vegi. You will be in Love.

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