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Il Gatto Nero

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Location: 720 College, Toronto, ON
Dufferin st / Bathurst
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(416) 536-3132
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Website: http://www.ilgattonero.ca/
Cuisine: Italian  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by qtxniki,   visited on 2006-09-23 ,  overall
Yes, the spinelli are HUGE and wonderful! The espresso is fantastic.Cute patio.

I almost ordered the calzone when I went. I saw a couple of orders go past our table--it was HUGE, hanging over the side of the plate. I'm sure they had been brushed with egg, as they had a beautiful colour. Check out the website: there are 2 types of fillings. I'm sure you could also construct your own, because when I was there, I asked for some hot peppers to be added to my Spinelli (there are 5 kinds of spinelli).

reviewed by Yongeman,   visited on 2006-09-22 ,  overall
Tags: Spinelli
My daughter insisted that I'd like the food at Il Gato Nero, so I went along. What a fun place! I had the Spinelli, with sausage and peppers, I think (it was a couple of weeks ago). This is a rolled sandwich-like dish that began its life more or less, as a pizza.
Now imagine trying to roll a pizza from most of the places that you know--the crust would be too thick hard, or tough. But the spinelli crust was light as air and delicious...AND it didn't break when it was rolled! Delicious! It was one of the most unique foods, all made possible by the incredible crust.

visited on 2005-09-22
Love the Black Cat. Best espresso in Toronto and it is the place to watch soccer and F1 races. Have your coffee standing up at the bar and check out the lovely waitresses. Sam makes the best espresso… sorry Mike. A great neighbourhood bar/restaurant and one of last authentic Italian establishments in Little Italy.

visited on 2005-08-17
Nice place to be at on College St. Great patio and great food but definitely lacks in service (pick up the pace girls)...

visited on 2004-07-28
Whoa! Do they take their espresso seriously. It's just the right combination of olde skule Italia barrista meets chillaxin' College street patio. If Carmen or Sam are at the bar - you *MUST* order a latte - it's like a little bit of hot velvet in a cup. By far the smoothest latte i've ever tasted. The food is good, the patio great. It all makes for one happy cat! :-)

visited on 2004-06-28
il gatto nero has the best coffee in town and the best patio to drink and enjoy it on. a must if you are in the area!!!!!!

visited on 2004-06-19
Its really more of a restaurant to me than a coffee place. We aren't keen on the special treatments some get while others are left in the dark. Made me feel like an outsider. Not welcomed. Oh well, good cappacino, thats about it.

visited on 2004-06-07
Great food + Good atmosphere + attractive servers = Great time for the fellas, Great food + Good atmosphere + that Ross guy = Great time for the ladies

visited on 2004-06-02
Great Service and best coffee! Ladies, bartender and co-owner Ross is the greatest and the hottest! Highly recommend this place as it serves to everyone's needs.

visited on 2004-06-01
If you are looking for thin crust fresh pizzas, then Gatto is the place for you. The freshest, the tastiest, the best pizza on College!!

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