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Zee Grill and Oyster Bar

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Location: 641 Mount Pleasant Rd., Toronto, ON
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(416) 484-6428
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Website: http://www.zeegrill.com/
Cuisine: Eclectic  Fusion  Seafood  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Charles Yu,   visited on 2006-10-07 ,  overall
Finally had a chance to eat at Zee Grill tonight. Totally agree with you, Fatboy44!

Food was fantastic! The three of us shared 4 appertizers and three entrees. Standout appertizers, beautifully plated and ultra-delicious, include the grilled calamari, the clam and corn chowders and the crab cake. Entrees of roasted baby pumpkin with seafoog stuffing and the Atlantic halibut with shaved white asparagus and porcini broth were both superb! Now, I don't have to drive all the way downtown to Starfish to have great seafood and oysters!

reviewed by fatboy44,   visited on 2006-09-23 ,  overall
I consider myself a seafood addict so that is what I mostly looking for. Had some very good seafood in Montreal a few days ago at Brunoise (not a seafood house per se, but very credible). Then I come back to Toronto and even though I like Starfish we had the best dinner again at Zee Grill. That is my recommendation. Last night I had sea scallops with duck prosciutto, salsify puree and champagne saffron cream, incredible! Starter was a lobster roll. It looked like a spring roll when I saw it first but the skin was made of asian pear and was served chilled with trout caviar. Pretty impressive. Cheers.

reviewed by Googs,   visited on 2006-08-29 ,  overall
Zee Grill has a lovely romantic nook a/k/a their back covered patio. Nothin' says lovin like oysters in an intimate room. It's more neighbourhood resto than destination spot, but I've always enjoyed going there over the years.

641 Mt. Pleasant Rd. walking distance south of Eglinton, but generally adequate metered parking right nearby.

reviewed by gabriella massimo,   visited on 2006-02-14 ,  overall
Tags: lobster roll
outstanding seafood. probably toronto's best. the ambiance is very unique as is the chef's mostly seafood menu. the highlight for me was the lobster roll. lobster meat rolled in a very thin skin of asian pear and served chilled. fantastic.

visited on 2005-04-28
I took a "first" date to Zee Grill & Oyster Bar after reading their 3 1/2 star review in the Toronto Life restaurant guide. My date was so impressed with my choice of restaurant that she agreed to go out with me again. Thanks Zee Grill for a wonderful evening.

visited on 2004-12-02
heehaw...!!! got to grin when I read about people going to a seafood restaurant to eat steak. I've had their steak and it is good indeed but you got to go there for the seafood. last night I did the roasted halibut with the wild mushrooms, white asparagus and cauliflower puree. fabulous...!!!

visited on 2004-11-22
This was a pretty good restaurant. The food was pretty good, the ambience was very good, and the price was not too bad. I had the steak dinner, very good. The service was also very good. It isn't the greatest restaurant, but it was a very solid good spot !!!

visited on 2004-08-19
Great food...great ambiance...good service. The two of us had starters, mains, one dessert (desserts portions are large) and a nice bottle of wine. The total came to $135 including tip and tax. Not bad considering that for this kind of food (quality and presentation) you'll pay twice the amount in restaurants that are owned by the so called super chefs. We found this place on the toronto.com website and I thank toronto.com for the recommendation. Cheers, F.B. Buffalo N.Y.

visited on 2004-07-07
I dined last nite at Zee Grill and had oysters which were so fresh and what a selection! must have been over 10 different types.I then had the Paella which was delicious. The patio was great too. I'll be back real soon.

visited on 2004-07-05
This restaurant is great. The seafood is always perfectly cooked, the ambience is fabulous and the wine list has a great selection and reasonably priced...several wines by the glass...I always look forward to eating there and bringing friends to discover this hidden gem.

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