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Bona Pizza Pasta

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Location: 431 Donlands Avenue, East York, ON
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(416) 406-5000
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Website: http://www.bonapizzapasta.com/
Cuisine: Italian  Pizza  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Chelsea,   visited on 2010-02-14 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $15  
Reason of cost per person is because we bought everything.
Garlic bread, veal sandwich, large pizza, salad, drinks.
Pizza was huge, with lots of toppings.
The crust is amazing!!
The man who made the pizza was so friendly and nice.

We ate in, at the little tables.

We had alot of food to bring home, and the pizza is even better the next day!

It's not somewhere you would go to eat your dinner, but it is somewhere to go if you want the best pizza ever!

Going there to get pizza again tonight....
and its an hour drive from where I live. But definatly worth it.

reviewed by rick todd,   visited on 2009-05-30 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $5  
walked into this seedy grimehole on the corner of donlands and oconnor hoping to get a quick slice to hit the spot after getting smashed at the wally. grabbed 2 stale as cardboard slices that had been sitting there all day, after they came out of the oven they were covered in appetizing grease and the wop with the long fuzzy pubes on his head tossed them into a bag like he gave 2 shits less and I ate them at a table next to a window with the worst view of trashy locals. if anyone else wanted to dine inside they would have to wait until i was done as this place is such a tiny heatbag you cant fit more than one customer. immediately after eating the slop they sall as pizza, my stomach started to turn and i had to drop a mean deuce in their facilities. the washroom is basically a mop closet in a dank ass basement with rats. the stench of urine is apparent from the top of the rickety stairs, and once you hit the bottom its like literally being inside a bladder filled to the top with piss. forget about wiping down the seat and sitting on some toilet paper, as there isnt any toilet paper anywhere to be found and the seat is so filthy with caked on feces from customers who ate here no doubt. or maybe its just the sick pigs who work their having their asses explode after a hot summer of working in there.

reviewed by Nicholas,   visited on 2008-11-22 ,  overall
Best Pizza in Canada! From 1 to 10, I give it a 9.5 Try it yourself and you'll see what I mean. The homemade sauce to die for.. toppings way too many choices this is awesome. Be creative and see for youself! ;)

reviewed by bluedog,   visited on 2006-06-09 ,  overall
Bona also does special requests. My neighboour is allergic to gluten and they guys at Bona have agreed to keep some spelt flour around for when they order (which is prety often).

reviewed by gigi,   visited on 2006-06-05 ,  overall
Bona does a stellar pizza! Their insalata Bona is great as well. Worth checking out as well:
Venice Pizza. Great toppings, superb crust...what
more could one ask for?

reviewed by Harissa,   visited on 2006-06-03 ,  overall
After reading about Pizza Bona here, I decided to give it a try. I got a medium (6-slice) pie with leeks, smoked provolone, grilled chicken, sundried tomatoes and green olives on a whole wheat crust.

This was one killer pizza! Though it took longer than some (nearly an hour before it was delivered), it was really, really good. At $19.50 plus tip, it could have easily served more than two people (which is unusual for a medium pizza, in my experience).

They've got 72 toppings! Need I say more?

And you can specify thick, medium or thick crust. But best of all was how much smoked provolone they used. No cheaping out here!

visited on 2005-03-18
WOW, We have been waiting for months for Bona to open in their new location. Donland/O'Connor. They are still in construction mode so thus the lower rating for ambience. but the pizza, value and great service make up for it if you are taking out. The Best!

visited on 2004-07-23
This is the real thing! The pizza is great and the pasta is wonderful. The variety, the quality and the price give you the most in value. Sean is a great host and guides you through the menu. We are from Rochester NY and if you are staying downtown, midtown or Don Valley(eastside) you are within easy reach of the restaurant. They are moving to a new location this week, but its just up the road at O'Connor Rd. and Donlands. This is a must stop for good food and great service!

visited on 2004-07-22
This place is great and Sean is a great host. The variety, quality and price equals true value. They are moving a mile away to the corner of O'Connor and Donlands. No matter where they are its is worth seeking them out. We are from Rochester NY and if you are staying downtown or on the Don Valley (east) side of town, make sure you stop for dinner!

visited on 2003-12-29
I am so glad I took the time to try their pizza at the Taste of the Danforth. Ever since then, they are the only place I order my pizza. You truly get your moneys' worth with their pizza. If I could give a 5 star rating I would!!!

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