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Location: 1855 Dundas St East, Mississauga, L4X1M1, Mississauga, ON
On Dundas St between / Dixie and HWY 427
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647 427 5050
Food :Service :
Value :Atmosphere : [About Rating]
Website: http://www.mmtheboathouse.ca
Cuisine: Hakka  
Profile:"Manchurian Madurai" a Unique Indian and Hakka Chinese
Cuisine offering both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian dishes.
The restaurant has Dine-in, Take out, Catering, Party Hall
,Delivery and serving Halal.
The unparalleled boathouse ambiance further enhances the diner
experience of the south Indian coastal belt bringing memories of
India's coastal heritage.

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reviewed by Ronjay,   visited on 2011-02-23 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $$15 - $20  
Best Chilli Chicken and Butter Chicken, Service is Excellent. Food is
supplied on time. Decor is just amazing antique wooden work. Food
quantity is huge 1 portion 2 people can eat.

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