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Juicy Olive Bar and Grill

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Location: 9200 Weston Road, Woodbridge, ON
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Cuisine: Italian  
Profile:Juicy Olive Bar & Grill is a fabulously fresh and high quality Italian / European restaurant. Experience a great atmosphere with live entertainment, amazing food, and the friendliest service. Try one of our succulent meat dishes grilled to perfection, or one of our authentic, traditional Italian pasta dishes.You can even book your next event with us in our beautiful banquet area that can accommodate up to 100 guests. High-end downtown quality cuisine, brought close to home and at a great price!

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reviewed by Jayce Wong,   visited on 2010-11-29 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $20   Tags: fine dining, italian
My boyfriend took me here on our 4 month anniversary dinner and I really enjoyed the place! He really up-ed his standards here! Great atmosphere, the decor was so modern and upscale and classy, I fell in love. The staff were also very friendly and quick on their feet so no request was waited on. The food was as well very tasty! Great Italian dishes, very filling and the presentation was great too.


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