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The Consulate Dining Lounge on Innis Lake

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Location: 15430 Innis Lake Road, Bolton, ON
Innis Lake Road / King Road
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905 584-6286
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Website: http://www.TheConsulate.ca
Cuisine: Fine Dining  
Profile:Fine dining in Caledon Ontario.

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Mildred M,   visited on 2010-10-16 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $50   Tags: Fine dining, local cuisine, in house pastry chef, romantic
We were told by friends to drive to Caledon and
eat at the Consulate Dining Lounge on Innis Lake.
We were not disappointed at all. This place has it
all, a quiet room with great views of the lake and
the Caledon Mountain.
The service was excellent and we enjoyed the
selection of wines from the extensive wine list.

To finish off the experience, a slice of
Susannah's Apple Cake really hit the spot.

It is nice in this day and age to be treated and
served the old fashion way.

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