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Chocolate Alphabet & Casa del Gelato

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Location: 110 Kerr Street Oakville, Oakville, ON
Kerr / Lakeshore
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905 339 2233
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Cuisine: Ice Cream  

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reviewed by Rhonda,   visited on 2011-06-19 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $$4   Tags: Gelato, biscotti and chocolates
I've been going to this place for about a year. The Atmosphere is very European and the owners are down to earth nice. They make all of the gelato themselves. As a matter of fact, they make everything themselves and are proud of it. They are always ready to help out if you need help with the kids or older customers who have trouble getting around. The prices are very reasonable considering the amount of work and expertise put into their desserts. In the winter they are packed most nights for families who come to relax and have an affagato. That is how we got to know them, through friends who brought us over to them. Now we try and go about twice a month with relatives and friends for a coffee, gelato, or whatever!! Wouldn't go anywhere else! Love it! You will too.

reviewed by Mike,   visited on 2011-05-07 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $5  
Excellent desserts!!! Will definitely be back!The gelato is to die for....the chocolates make me melt and I am in awe at the French Macarons!!! Merveilleux!

reviewed by Carmine,   visited on 2011-03-14 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $4  
Beautiful French Macarons.....Lovely chocolates and tasty gelato!! The specialty in this place is their sea salt and caramel, strawberry basil....and I just love them....as well as the lemon sorbetto! I adore their lavender French Macarons and go nuts over their lemon basil chocolate squares! I buy them by the box of 18!!! Great place which is open late too, so after dinner, we often go for dessert! Wouldn't go anywhere else!

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