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High Park Spicy House

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Location: 3020 Dundas Str W M6P 1Z3, Toronto, ON
Keele / Dundas
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416 760 9779
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Website: http://www.highparkspicyhouse.com
Cuisine: Indian  
Profile:Fine dining, takeout(10% off), free delivery and they have daily specials ( main dishes and soups)

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User Reviews

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reviewed by jen,   visited on 2009-02-14 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $25   Tags: romance in silence
i went there on feb 14 with my fiance to celebrate the valentine day. My fiance is not
a good fan of indian dished. i made him to go
but from that day he loves indian food. we are planning to go on this week end.
we started with stuffed bread roll- it was delecious, lamp vindaloo, palak paneer, chicken briyani and roti that was the best time we ever had in the past 5years outing
you guys should give a try

reviewed by diane g,   visited on 2008-09-05 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $35   Tags: indian flavor
The food at Highpark spicy house is excellent, We had sheek kebabb and veg pakora the staters are owesome, butterchicken, lamb curry, palak paneer,baigan bharta are the main dishes we ordered soooooooo good and side dishes pulao, naan, galic naan and also home made lime pickle my hubby's favorite pickle so excellant, we had a wonderful time there with wine.

reviewed by Sandra,   visited on 2008-03-22 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $25   Tags: Taste adb spices
The food at High park spicy house is really good,the starter I've ordered vege pakora was owesome, butter chicken, lamb vidaloo sooooo good, side dishes naan and pulao rice are fabulouse,and every thing we ordered was good. that is my one of the favourite restaurant in Toronto

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